Tuesday, April 2, 2013

new old

I don't know about you but my Easter long weekend went by in a quick blur. A pleasant blur though, dotted with family and good food, and perhaps one too many Easter eggs.  Unfortunately I discovered the camera was flat when I went to use it (always the way, isn't it?), but I think this can be a good thing sometimes.

In the absence of any Easter-ish photos, here are few little op shopped additions to the house recently. How could I resist the "Food Should be cooked with Butter and Love" plate?  It's always nice to rearrange a few things at the start of each season. Add a flower from the garden, swap things around or make room for the odd little treasure. Sometimes the long to do list to list of projects can be a little overwhelming, with curtain rods to hang, a pergola to pave and new garden beds to dig. But little changes keep the home interesting and a little more happy in the meanwhile.

Wishing you all a pleasant rest of the week. Though I have to say it is strange to have the kids back at school so soon. The holidays will not be rolling around for a few weeks yet.


  1. This is such a sweet post. Your flowers are very pretty! The weekend seemed to go quickly here too, we had lunch out and then spent the afternoon at two lovely, quite "bush" beaches.
    Happy new week to you!
    Sarah xxo

    PS I don't usually like to leave links in comments, but I thought you might be interesting in my recipe competition. Hope this is okay? :-)

  2. I like that Jamie's Great Britain book and I really enjoyed the tv series too. I don't love everything he does, but I thought that series was very interesting - probably because of the history and regional component.
    What did you think of Sophie Dahl's cookbook? I thought it was a bit light on.
    And a Year in a Bottle has been invaluable in learning about preserving, jams and chutneys.
    I know Nourishing Traditions is one of your favourites - which others are favourites?

  3. Hi there....very exciting....I've got those same cannisters here too!

  4. hi Tania...sweet treasures...love the mirror x

  5. What a haul! Love the plates and the mirror...I adore the peeks into your house - there always seems to be such harmony and cheer in your decorating x

  6. Here in Vic the holidays have started so we are in lovely holiday mode, I love the silver bowl with the rose - beautiful xxBrenda

  7. Lovely treasures....I've been having a change around too. A good autumn clean and tidy. Always good for the soul too. Have a lovely week Tania xo

  8. So excited to have found your blog! Will be visiting regularly - thanks for sharing. I think many of our life themes match :)

  9. You have so many lovely things in your home. Would you come and fix mine up please? Those plates are very sweet.
    Can't wait for school holidays....everyone in my nest needs a break!

  10. Love that mirror. And I totally agree, sometimes it is lovely to live in the moment, rather than behind a lens.

  11. Such a cute plate, and so very true.
    And don't roses go so perfectly with old silverware.

  12. I agree - little changes in the home make a world of difference. For me, they encourage me to clean more for a time! :)
    Love those plates!

  13. Wonderful finds!! That plate would certainly be impossible to pass up!! I love the charm and quality of those new-old finds. I always adore the look of your home--so many wonderful "odd little treasures."


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