Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the summer wardrobe wrap-up

There were a few summer sewing projects that I didn't quite get around to blogging about. But before we are plunged into the depths of winter and any summer clothing talk seems quite silly, I thought I would show you them today.

First up is a Wiksten tank, which is available in paper or pdf format. I'd made this way back in December, and it has already made a little appearance (you can just see it here) on the blog. Using another cotton voile from Darn Cheap fabrics, this has to be one of the quickest and easiest tops I have made to date. The inner bias binding left a little to be desired, but I think I know where I went wrong for next time. I made the medium and it has a comfortable loose fit without being too big. I have worn this to death over the summer, and it is definitely a pattern I will be making multiples of later in the year. It is one of those simple patterns where they got the cut just right.

Made just before our camping trip is this Built by Wendy pattern 3692, now out of print, but these patterns seem to still be quite popular (particularly the elusive 3835 ). I picked my pattern up fairly cheaply on Etsy, but they also come up on ebay. This came together all too easily, perhaps helped by the fact that this knit fabric had a slight thickness and stability to it. A very good thing for someone with next to no experience with knit fabric. I cut a good couple of inches off the hem length. This little dress, made especially for the wash and wear of the  camping trip proved to be very handy with no ironing required and so comfortable for travelling.

The last project, another December one, was simple pencil skirt, using the same pattern as my red one. This time I made it a little shorter and more summery with an inexpensive bright quilting cotton from our local sewing shop. I've worn it many times with sandals and a tucked in t-shirt.

Sadly, I have not dusted off the sewing machine since before our trip, but I hope to have a flick through my patterns soon and find a few Autumn projects to get into. Perhaps the coming school holidays will be the perfect opportunity. I am thinking of a Wiksten Tova or perhaps a heavier schoolhouse tunic.

Do you have sewing plans for the new season?
What patterns do you have your eye on?

Other summer projects :   
Dress H
The Washi Dress
The Alma blouse


  1. Lovely handmade pieces. The chevron print is a favourite.
    I've made two dresses in the last month or so, and i think i too need to start something more fitting to autumn/winter wear.

  2. Tania, you make everything look good when you put it on! :) I love all your sewing projects.

  3. I recently bought 4 simplicity patterns when they were on sale 5 for $5... a dollar each. I got #1663 - which is a combination of shorts, pants and skirts; #1623 for the maxi-dress; #1614 - summer tops and #1685 a bag and tote pattern. Love your sewing projects. Lately I've been more focused on paper crafting and painting.

  4. Hey Tania, If you want Simplicity 3835, I'd be happy to give it to you. Let me know. Christy

  5. Well done! I've not had a LOT of success making clothes for myself. I tend to stick to children's pieces... safer maybe? LOL. One day, I'd like to be brave and learn through trial and error the ins and outs of sewing for adults. Anything I've made for me winds up being ill fitting :(

  6. Clever you! Loving those skirts especially. I have been looking for a great Winter skirt. I think I will have to make one. You have inspired me! :)

    Love the windswept photo too. Such a sweet family.

  7. Every time you blog about your sewing creations I think "right...this time I'm going to have a crack at sewing for myself". And I never do!!! School holidays are coming....I think it's time I got serious!
    PS Your home-made creations are divine. I love your choice of fabrics and colour.

  8. Tania you are so amazing with your wardrobe sewing! I have a lisette pattern still waiting for me from March last year!!! I do hope I get to it finally! I hope to make a nice wool skirt too...or a poncho..oh dear...I really am hopeless! xx

  9. You've done well to add some many lovely handmade pieces to your wardrobe Tania. I have started a few projects for myself but only finished a few..time is seriously lacking.

  10. Lovely patterns and fabric! I wish when I sew they end up wearable! xx


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