Tuesday, April 9, 2013

works in progress

I used to only tackle the projects I could start and finish in one day. I guess I had a kind of fear, that once tossed into the sewing basket, the said project would be forgotten and abandoned. Destined to sit in the unfinished pile forever. That was, until I started knitting. It is a very rare project that will only take a day or two, as most require a more dedicated commitment. You are in it for the long haul. Sometimes a week, sometimes months and occasionally years (!). But each and every time you pick that project up you are taking it one step closer to being finished. Slowly, slowly, as my mother in law likes to say.

And so I don't feel the need to rush those sewing projects anymore either. I know that I will most likely come back to a project, even if the time isn't right for many days or weeks. All in good time.

So I thought you might like a peek at what I'm working on right now, or, rather, what is cluttering up the spare room so I can't even think about starting a new project.

I started this quilt for Julia way back here, and progress has been very, very slow. Being a beginner quilter, I have following the steps closely from Practical Guide to Patchwork, which has many beautiful quilts to make. I chose the Valentine quilt. Unfortunately I made the mistake of forgetting that the middle piece had to be a neutral fabric to highlight the different colour groups of the squares. So this square has to go. The method used is to sew onto a square of paper cut to size, both for stability and easy cutting. You simply tear it off after cutting. I will keep you posted on the (slow) progress.

Secondly, is a collection of shopping bags that I have only drawn up a pattern for at this stage. I swear there is a void in this house that sucks up green bags, because I always seem to lose them. The pattern is based upon, you guessed it, the dimensions of the beautiful (not) green bag. I am hoping to use a sturdy outer fabric and line it with sheeting.

Third and final project on the list is the knitted Analu for Violet. Being up to the sleeves (I am making the short sleeved version), it is a little hard to just pick up where you left off. Lot's of casting off at this stage and leaving stitches on whatever I happen to have handy at the time (nappy pins!). I really must sit down today and get past this stage.

I also wanted to say thank you everyone for your lovely, encouraging words on this post, which has happily forced me to pull these projects out of temporary hiding.

So what are you working on right now?
Any long term projects or stuck in the works projects?
Or are you a short term project person?


  1. You should see the amount of 'works in progress' I have Tania, I think it would make you shudder ;)

    I do love the instant gratification of finishing a project in a day or so but seem to get much more satisfaction with a project that has been worked on over many hours, days, weeks and dare I say months.

    I actually recently unravelled a cardi I started for myself last year to rework it and pulled a few WIP pieces out this weekend to work on.

    Happy creating.


  2. Ahh yes there are a few works in progress here. There is a crochet blanket I started um years ago which I must get to this winter and finish, a shawl I started for myself almost halfway now, a top cut out but I haven't started too scared and a stack of fat quarters waiting to be turned into a quilt for my youngest I am going to wash them today so a step closer to starting:) I have to say I'm better with short term but it's not possible when you desire lovely blankets or quilts but if I do want some 'finish satisfaction' I crochet a dishcloth or two which always makes me happy. Enjoy your crafting. x

  3. Lovely projects Tania, the simple green frugal co-op vlog (now finished) hasa great post by amanda brooke on green bags from pillowcases, check it out they are sooo quick and easy, you will love it. it links back to spiderwomanknits. Try this; http://spiderwomanknits.typepad.com/files/vintage-pillowcase-grocery-tote-tutorial.pdf


  4. I always have many projects on the go. Some short term, some long term and some very loooong term. Ihave at least 2 quilts, one rug, many toys, many knitting projects some sewing for me and little ones. I just love it all and I know I'll get to all of them in the end!

  5. I have found that I need a deadline to get on my crafting hat. This week is classic. It was my daughter's birthday last week so I sewed my butt off to get ready for it. My son's birthday is in 3 weeks which is not a sufficiently close deadline for me to get going. Should probably order the fabric though!

  6. Always knitting socks and sometimes more than one pair as I am too impatient to see how wool might knit up! And also doing the same for Toshette fingerless gloves which re so easy and quick! I did start a quilt months ago and there is always a stack of partially finished scrapbooking pages - always leave the writing bits for later! (can be months later...)

  7. Oh, you've just reminded me that I started my first quilt a few months ago and that I keep thinking of excuses not too pull it out and carry on...I like knitting too much, so it sucks up most of my creative time! Then there's blogging, baking, photo taking....I really ought just to get the quilt out though lol!

    Sarah xx

  8. I have so many works in progress! I find that when I get stuck on something, I put aside and start something new. This winter I would finally like to finish something. Love your current projects xo

  9. You just reminded me of the still yet to be finsished vintage sheet quilt that i started well over a year ago now. I really need to get it finished and in use.
    I've often thought to make my own 'green bags' but havent yet got past the thinking about it stage.

  10. This winter I solemnly vow to finish this blanket:
    I started way back in the dim dark mists of time!

  11. I finally finished (and posted about) my dress I've been working on since November. Now I am trying to decide what my next sewing project shall be. I am thinking something to help organize all my knitting needles. Which reminds me that I have a hat almost completed on some double points that I really should just get on with.

    Good for you to be ambitious enough to make quilts at all...it seems to be quite the undertaking. That said, I have been thinking of trying my hand at it as well. We'll just see...

  12. Hi Tania I am back again, no I have just started this do it yourself road, so I have just brought myself knitting needles and some wool and then I went on utube to learn to knit lol so far 2 dish clothes got better with the second one lol first one has a few little holes I think I dropped some stitches maybe I will try sewing will let you know how I go


  13. If I mess up on a quilt block I make it into a potholder - never cast it away. Quilt blocks are like gold once stitched together and even goofs can be turned into a scrap happy quilt eventually.


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