Monday, June 27, 2011

from the weekend

The sun was out this weekend and it was almost warm-ish. I had some new reading material on hand, and even managed more than a quick flick through. Thinking about making some marmalade.

After Luca's morning soccer game, we were all off to a local birthday party for one of Julia's school friends. It was quite pleasant to all be gathered at a farm, with all the parents actually staying (too far out of the way to drop and go) and knowing everyone that was there. There is a sense of community here that I have not felt anywhere else I have lived.

On Sunday Daniel put a little more verandah work in, and even managed to entertain a friend at the same time. With the social obligatory beer of course.

I've been pattern making and dabbling in a little sewing.

Two planes created some patterns in the sky just before sunset. They looked as is they were having quite a bit of fun up there.

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I do hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Becky said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

The green cardigan looks even better on its intended recipient. Gorgeous. Sounds like a lovely weekend too.

Tammi said...

Ours was a pretty cruisy weekend :) No sport meant a break in the usual routine and lots of time to indulge in some homey crafts.

Looks like you guys had a lovely weekend too...Love Violets cardi, just adorable.


Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

Snap! (twice actually). Keep my cotton in the same tin (different colour) and have a husband who likes beer.

purplepear said...

Your photos are lovely, I particularly like the one of your daughter in her new cardi.What a lovely weekend.We also had some glorious winter weather.

ingrid said...

Beautiful! Your children are so gorgeous - it is lovely to see them all together like that.

oscarlucinda said...

Eep - the photo of Violet and her big grin is too cute!

PS. Thanks for your tips re the burp cloths...if you think of it, can you post a little pic of them so I can see how you sewed them together. I'm not a very intuitive sewer and am more of a visual learner!! I'm sure they're the most simple things to make too - so sorry to be so hopeless!

Regina said...

hi tania,
it looks like you had a wonderful weekend !!!
i like all the photos,they are fantastic.

BLD in MT said...

Ah, lovely.

Mongs said...

simple things warm your heart, what a lovely weekend


rhonda jean said...

Hi Tania! I love the pea green cardy and I love seeing men drink beer from a glass. Is it a large bottle of beer or home brew? I have that same Clematis tin, although mine is a bit more battered than yours. Your little girl's skirt is gorgeous above. She looks beautiful all dressed up.

Catherine said...

It looks like a beautiful weekend Tania with lots of lovely simple things to make you happy. I love the sweet smile of your little girl, she's so happy:) xo