Friday, September 23, 2011

the day

We have been :-

  • peg doll making
  • baking wholemeal rolls - a baked first thing in the morning batch (because I forgot about the rising dough the night before)
  • op shopping a little pin cushion to add to Julia's christmas present
  • treating myself to a new (to me) old handbag
  • warming up with hand knitted socks (thanks to the op shop once again)
  • finding little hand written cards around the house
  • looking forward to some duck egg baking
  • enjoying my favourite chocolate at the end of an exhausting day of grocery shopping

Wishing you all a pleasant Friday.


Jem said...

Mmm, duck egg baking!!

Jem xXx

Hazel said...

oh duck eggs! Envious much. Looks like a lovely day.

Paula said...

oh, love this wrap up of your day. the duck eggs (wow) and peg people are so much fun. A little link you might like:

Happy weekend, Tania :)

freefalling said...

I've never eaten a duck egg!
Love Violet's (I always want to call her Olive) stripey legs.

Christina said...

I loved making peg dolls as a child! My Grandma had a draw full of old Dolly pegs that she let us dress up and draw on when we came to visit.

Are duck eggs very different to chicken eggs? I've never had one.


faith76 said...

Lovely photo's - especially like the socks and chocolate. Proper comforts.

Have a lovely weekend.

Leah x

yardage girl said...

Oooh what do you bake with duck eggs?

Amanda said...

I love those socks! I just bought some sock yarn and needles today to try my first attempt at sock making. My mum assures me they are easy to make...we'll see!

Catherine said...

I love the photos of your day, lots of lovely snippets. And chocolate at the end of a busy day sounds good to me. Have a lovely weekend Tania. xo

Gooseberry Jam said...

Oh yay, Peg dolls, I have tried these a few times now with my daughters and I just can't seem to make an easy dress pattern to use...Do you have an easy style to make or do you just cut and paste? I would love to see some finished dollies, maybe even a tutorial... ;)

Shelley said...

Great finds! I love the socks :) I have a little bit of dark chocolate most nights too. My favourites are lindt or an organic one - cant remember if its called greens or blacks. Have a great weekend!

Shelley said...

Ment to say my Nanna always made the best sponge cakes with duck eggs - wish i had the recipe though.

ashley said...

Love your day. But the best part? Chocolate on a plate and in a mug! Xx

Tania said...

Thanks for the tip off Shelley, I think a sponge cake it is. The chocolate in the pic is Green and Blacks (Lindt being a close second!) Gooseberry Jam, these came in a little kit from the op shop. We have been cutting and pasting with glue.

oscarlucinda said...

Aw, peg dolls. What a lovely childhood flashback!