Thursday, September 29, 2011

in our kitchen

rice pudding on the breakfast menu

chicken stock from leftover roast chicken

sage polenta with tomato sugo

fennel and orange salad : recipe from my Italian mother-in-law

couscous with butter, lemon, chives and parsley

spiced chicken in the slow cooker from this book

chocolate sauce pudding : one of my childhood favourites

curried rice with peas and egg for lunch

semolina gnocchi with sage from Winter on the Farm : this book is becoming a favourite in our house

and a little finger food for Violet

I've been thinking about the act of cooking for the family. It really is so much more than just about the food. Memories made and remembered, tastes, scents and togetherness. From the act of preparing, sometimes growing and the eating of it.

These school holidays have made our days much more centered around our meals. As we take the day a little slower, and with more helping hands, there is both learning and enjoyment in the kitchen. Simple changes like frying up a little rice, flavouring it and serving it instead of a quick sandwich make lunch just that bit more special. Sitting together and eating. Talking about the food. Remembering to enjoy each moment.

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday.


Evi said...

Hear hear, lets hear it for family cooking and definitely for family meal times - at the table, with a lot of sharing and encouraging conversation! Cooking and sharing meals together have been some of my very favourite times with my children over the years and the older ones all love to come home and sit together over a family 'feast'! So many memories are talked about as we eat and drink and it's always a great bonding time when ever we sit down for a meal!!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Well now I am hungry! What a lovely lot of cooking you have done. I am very interested in the book "Winter on the Farm".

Family time is quality time. Enjoy!

purplepear said...

i agree. Sharing knowledge of food , sharing around the table, sharing preparation - all so very important

Veronica said...

i wish i was your neighbour to be able to smell all that goodness coming out of your kitchen. love your photos and your kids are so cute. enjoy the day tania!!

Helen said...

wow everything looks so yummy! lots of lovely wintery comfort food :)

Tammi said...

I couldn't agree more Tania :) So many of my fonder childhood memories are also built around the kitchen and in turn I have done the same with our children.

Due to various committments we don't often get the chance to dine together during the day but dinner time is a 'must attend' :)

There are a few dishes here that have been featuring in our home too lately.


Shelley said...

It all looks so delicious! We all sit down to a family dinner on most nights - its something i insist on as its such an important part of the day (and was for me growing up as well). Chocolate sauce pudding is one of my favourties from childhood as well. I might make this weekend!

yardage girl said...

HUGE YUM! Especially the rice pudding for breakfast - absolutely delicious!

Gaby said...

your kitchen looks like a magical place! wish i could come over for some chocolate pudding!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

So much deliciousness. Chocolate pudding a favourite in our house too. I haven't made my own stock yet - looks great. Like the slower pace of life on the holidays.

Catherine said...

It looks like you've been doing some delicious cooking together. It sounds like a nice way for all of you to spend the holidays cooking and connecting over food. Chocolate self saucing pudding is one of our favourites too, mmmmm. xo

teeny tiny house said...

wow...i would love to come round for dinner at your house xx

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

You have an amazing way with words. I completely agree - the preparation the conversation - everything that goes into the meal is special. A memory to be cherished, indeed.

Have a wonderful week,


ashley said...

Enjoying each moment is the top of my list. Funny you should write this as indeed food comes next! Everything looks delicious. Thanks for that past shout out for my blog. Never had a visit from you again after that. Pop by sometime. X ashley

one claire day said...

Oh my goodness, Tania. This is so impressive - you should be very proud! It all looks made with so much love

freefalling said...

I'd pay for a chance to come and eat at your place for a week!!!