Thursday, August 4, 2011


Every week at the kid's small school the parents take it in turns to provide "Monday munchies" and so they bring cake, slice or biscuits and the kids buy a piece for thirty cents. This raises a little money for the school and also makes the kids feel that they are not entirely missing out by the absence of a school canteen. Somehow I don't think they are missing out at all.

So it was my turn this week (of course leaving it to the last minute on Sunday night) and I thought I would try something a little out of the ordinary. I usually make Cinnamon anzacs, butter cake or these.  But I felt like something a little more decadent, namely, chocolatey. Because of course I made a double batch, keeping one at home.

I used this recipe for chocolate brownies. If you haven't tried it you really must. The best brownie recipe I have tried, and surprisingly, it uses Dutch cocoa, not real chocolate. Which is great for someone like me who buys chocolate with the best cooking intentions, but it then disappears mysteriously. I cannot store chocolate. Of any kind.

It does require a little heatproof bowl/saucepan simmering, but apart from that it is really quite simple. With a deliciously moist chocolate result.

Is it just me or does anyone else have "difficulties" storing chocolate?


  1. Yum! Your brownies look aboslutely delicious! Storing chocolate.. ahh, why is it the culprits always leave the foil wrappers behind, empty of course but still there as a reminder to what was once inside?

  2. Chocolate stands no chance in our home! and it's first in best dressed.
    Choc brownies are a fav and even better when they are just as chocolatey without the choc :)


  3. Oh those brownies are making me hungry, it is morning tea time...

    Chocolate has to be hidden in this house as it has a habit of disappearing too.

  4. haha, whenever my Hubby goes to get a piece of chocolate, only to discover that the block has disappeared he jokes and says 'those bloody mice are back'. My son goes to a small school too without a canteen and they do a cake day every 4 weeks. There is a roster so a few families cook at a time. I like that there is no canteen...I remember the junk we filled up on as kids! Brownies look so good!

  5. Oh yummy, thanks for the recipe! Nope, choc and biscuits stand no chance in my house either, although I have more success at keeping really dark choc plus hubby won't eat it either ;)

  6. I store chocolate in my tummy. Airtight.

  7. i cant even buy chocolate anymore. if it isnt in my house - i cant eat it. although i may have sent hubby out on a chocolate buying mission at 8.55 one night. haha!

    Kel x

    p.s - thanks for the shout out in the last post! your FQ's look gorgeous!

  8. We are having a chocolate free house at the moment, oh, except for FT hot chocolate mix, and A's dairy-free chocolate. If it's there, I'll eat it at some point... all of it, in one delicious, smooth, stress-relieving swoop!

  9. Oh hello heaven!! So weird..I JUST mentioned to my husband how I would die for a brownie right about now..then clicked on over here..what a tease this is ha! Your pictures are pretty fantastic!

  10. Hi Tania...yes, have the same problem with chocolate it just doesn't last around here. Those brownies look yum! Tell me how do you get Violet to sleep on the couch???? I have seen her asleep in many of your posts and my little chap has NEVER fallen asleep anywhere except car and cot!I just love seeing these images she look so cosy!

  11. oh no you diddant!!! yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy. you had me at your post title. i have a pretty good recipe for brownies but you know, as a baker, i must try a few to find a favourite. i blame you for the 5 kilos i put on eating this whole brownie. thanks! :) xx

  12. What a wonderful idea to have the families bring baked goodies. Especially ones that look at delicious as this!

    I must admit, I can take or leave chocolate. I think because I was allergic to it as a child. But snakes or skittles, they don't last long...


  13. That is such a great idea.
    We have a case of disappearing chocolate buttons at our house this week. The pack is oh so slowly deflating. Hmmm, who could it be?

  14. What yummy looking brownies. I think I will be trying this out for myself!
    I too have difficulties storing chocolate ... Just cant buy it, because if I do I eat the whole lot in one go.
    It makes my tummy happy but my hips not so much!

  15. Yum! I'm a big fan of the dutch cocoa brownie. I haven't tried this recipe though, they look so nice and fudgy! I made brownies with beetroot puree in them this week, taste great but they are a bit on the flat side. I'm willing to have another shot though! x

  16. oh yesssss big chocolate storing issues at our place. I have to doesn't sound as though your children are missing out one bit!

  17. Hi again Tanya.... I'm going to make those brownies! Wanted to share my fav (so far) brownie recipe with you, from the old ABC Cook and the chef series

    YUM - instead of dried pears (which are great), I've also tried drief figs and cranberries.... lush!

    And what about the recipe for no-knead bread AND your beaut looking bread rolls... would that be easy to send to me?

    All the best

    Kath (steph's friend)


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