Saturday, November 26, 2011

christmas links

our tree - 2009
How quickly is christmas creeping up on us this year? Here are a few of my favourite tutorials for this christmas.
  • Dreaming of snow this christmas? For us southern dwellers this or this may be the closest we'll get.
  • This christmas cake is on my to do list very soon. I've never "fed" a cake with brandy before.
  • A felty christmas tree decoaration.
  • Christmas tree bunting. A great way to use up those scraps and it doesn't have to be christmas colours either. Linen or whatever goes with your usual colour scheme would be very nice.
  • Variations of these hearts would make a sweet addition to the tree.


  1. Ooh Chrissy links...I love them.
    I have never made a Christmas cake ever! I remember my nana making hers weeks before the big day and it was always deliciously rich.
    The kids and I are going to spend a few days crafting those hearts and the bunting :)
    Tania, have you found any good handmade ideas for boys? It's the one area I am struggling with.


  2. Great links, we've started crafting, so much fun.

  3. Hasn't it come so quickly this year??? I'm into though - a little earlier than normal too, which feels nice. I'm one of those people who are hopeless at making things but think they can do it. I had this brainwave of making Xmas decorations out of old rusty wire from the block.'s not as easy as I'd thought. I've settled for a wreath which semi-resembles a wreath. The star was waaaay out of my league;) Any hints?

    Oh, and also, I thought of you yesterday when I was garage sale treasure finding. You'll see what I mean when I post on my blog. xx

  4. We're putting up our lights and tree today even though it feels ridiculously early. Thanks for the links. I just hopped on the computer to do a quick google for ideas, you've saved me some time!


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