Tuesday, November 15, 2011

not so cowardy custard

A long time ago I used to buy packaged custard. But about ten years ago I discovered this easy and delicious recipe that I based on a Two Fat Ladies cake filling. Remember them? They were around just before the likes of Jamie and Nigella.

Anyways, I have made this countless times over the years. Especially when there is a glut of eggs to be used up. Then I double the recipe. Delicious over crumbles and lovely as the custard layer in good old fashioned trifle. The leftover egg whites can be used for pavlova or meringue. And I never did look back over my shoulder at that packaged custard with it's strangely artificial taste. So here it is copied straight from my well worn, stained and faded recipe journal.


4 egg yolks
4 tablespoons sugar (any - castor, brown or even rapadura - the last two give a slight caramel flavour)
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 1/2 tablespoons plain flour
pinch salt
600 ml milk

Place egg yolks in bowl. Gradually beat in sugar and vanilla.

Cream well.

Beat in flour. Beat in 150ml of the milk.
Meanwhile heat the remaining 450ml of milk in a saucepan.
When it begins to simmer whisk in the egg mixture.

Simmer gently, stirring fairly constantly until the custard has thickened properly. This will take about four minutes.

Serve hot or once cooled store in the fridge.



  1. Custard lovely,
    thanks for the reminder of the simple things in life.

  2. That custard looks delicious. I don't make custard often and the one I did make wasn't really that tasty;) I'll have to give yours a try it looks nice and thick too. x

  3. Oh I have been looking for a failsafe custard recipe and it looks like the flour will halp stabilise it! Fantastic, thank you for sharing! I'm going to try it tonight.

  4. oh yum, thanks for sharing the recipe! looks awesome :)

  5. yum! thank you~

    we are currently getting 6 eggs a day from our hens so this will be another yummy way to use them up.


  6. That looks yummy. I am currently purchasing eggs at the grocer, but once my hens start laying well again I will give this a try.

    Enjoy your day.

  7. Oh Yum, we will have to give it a try!

  8. Ah...this is comfort food at it's best!! I am so very appreciative of how I was raised, my parents followed in their parents footsteps and made everything themselves. I try to do the same where possible and though I do have custard powder in the pantry it's purely for baking (yoyos etc), we too much prefer a homemade custard :)

  9. thank you, I made meringues on the week end and have been wondering what to do with the yolks, looks like peaches and custard are on the menu tonight...

  10. dear god i love custard...with chopped banana. yum!! what a great recipe tania. xo.

  11. Yum! I loved the Two Fat Ladies - decadent and funny!

  12. HMMMm.... I've always made baked custard like my Grandma made. I may have to give this recipe a try.

  13. That looks soooo good! Thanks for posting this, will definitely be making some soon, nothing better than real custard :)

  14. I'm working my way through our freezer and just discovered a little jar with six egg yolks left over from mulberry sorbet making in the summer...so I've been looking to make something just using the yolks...this would be perfect..so thanks for sharing.

  15. Custard is my favourite. I could eat it on its own and a custard flan is a second best. Thanks for this. Andrea x

  16. The custard looks and sounds delicious. I really need to make custard more often. I'll try your recipe next time I do. I loved the Two Fat Ladies too!

  17. I made this for my family and it was a huge hit all round! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Best custard recipe ever!! My husband and I just finished off a big bowl each. Thanks! xxx


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