Wednesday, November 23, 2011

goings on

Whew. That was the sound of me breathing a sigh of relief. For my internet is back to normal which tends to make my day just that bit easier.  I am a creature of habit and internet woes feel quite unsettling for me.  I foresee a day of catching up with emails and perhaps catching up with a little blog between all that housework, school run and chasing after that crawling baby of course.

  1. A simple sewing project in the works.
  2. Feeding the new compost pile.
  3. Iced Ginger. The newest rose for my cut garden.
  4. Tuna pasta.
  5. Cut flowers from my in-laws garden.
  6. Seed planting.
  7. More christmas baubles using fabric from the vintage sheet swap.
  8. kitchen.
  9. Violet.
  10. Leftover egg whites = pavlova. Perhaps a little too decadent for an after school snack.

Thank you for your lovely comments and visits yesterday for my Flower Press interview.


  1. I love how your photos really seem to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary!

  2. I feel the same when our internet decides to play up or whatever. Pavlova is my all time favourite dessert and definately not too decadent for an after school treat!

  3. There's much joy to be had in the ordinary family days :) Our girl learnt how to make pav earlier this year and I swear she was making one every other night.


  4. I love that milk glass dish holding the lemons Tania. Is that an op shop find? If you've got chooks, and a lot of eggs, pavlova is the best!

    Anne xx

  5. love the ivory handle butter knives. i have a set gifted from my nan in an old wooden box. your pavlova looks amazing and that little girl of yours is the cutest. great photos tania. enjoy your day. xo.

  6. Pavlova is never too much for anytime of the day! Loved the guest spot yesterday and I'm not even touching the ISP - city people are always so surprised by the realities of regional communications...aaagh!

  7. Oh my goodness, I must make that cake now! Lovely photos as always....


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