Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

 These past few days we have been :

  • gathering supplies from the shed block
  • doing a little christmas crafting
  • unpacking the christmas ornaments
  • repacking the christmas ornaments
  • clearing spaces and rearranging
  • popping all those christmas books in a basket that were op shopped throughout the year
  • doing advent calender activities - playing monopoly, making christmas cards and colouring in
  • all while listening to this and this (with a little Bing thrown in of course)


  1. So many pretty Christmas decorations, your home looks beautiful. x

  2. sounds and looks wonderful tania. i notice the 12 days of christmas book...we have that one too. i have read that many a times with my son. i look forward to sharing it with penny this year. levi's grandparents since his birth every year, post him a christmas book. we have some amazing ones that i was actually going to share myself in an upcoming post. even though they only live a few suburbs away, he has always loved getting that surprise every year. i think it is really nice. your home looks beautiful (it has lovely natural light) and the music is perfect. xo.

  3. How lovely to have a real Christmas tree...we have a son who is highly allergic, the last time we had one he spent days in hospital on iv antibiotic as the infection got in his eyes and the fear was it would reach his brain...a really weird allergy and we are too scared to expose him now even though he is older and he may have outgrown it.
    I love the little hints you give of the festive season...while I've been out of commission our kids have been crafting, I directed them to your blog for the fabric covered bauble tute and they are looking great :)

  4. There's a lovely serenity to these photos.

  5. What would Christmas be without Bing Crosby!!
    Have a great day

  6. It does indeed look like Christmas at your place...lovely!

  7. Looks excellent! Nothing better than christmas loving with the family.

    xo em

  8. What a classic and wonderful Christmas vibe you've got going on over there. I love it!

  9. It's lovely to have a collection of Christmas books and add to them each year. I enjoy sitting with the girls and reading them, getting us into the Christmas spirit. x


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