Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what the postie brought

In recent weeks I have been fortunate to receive a few gorgeous parcels in the mail. I must say that it is a little exciting walking down my long drive with awaiting parcels left by the side of the road (because they don't bother knocking on doors or filling out those slips around here!)

From the lovely Amanda of Little Eco I ordered some beautifully packaged seeds, nappy cream and I Love Dirt book (plenty of ideas for the long school holidays in those pages). Amanda so kindly sent me a delightful floral bib and a whole lot of vintage sheeting. She obviously knows me well! I've used a little of the blue already in last weeks advent calender. Thank you Amanda.

And because it's that time of year, I treated myself to this pretty little stamp set and notebooks. You may have already seen the stamps on recent wrapping paper here and here.  Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tags, you name it. They are all getting the stamp treatment this year. And next year and the year after that, based on a cost per use basis!

I was so thrilled to receive this adorable little summer suit for Violet's birthday, from the gorgeous Karlyn of Rosa's Room. Red has to be my favourite dress colour in the world and I'm loving that collar. Isn't it the cutest? Now all we need is a little actual summer weather to arrive. Thanks Karlyn.

from the Liberty book
from the Made at Home book

A few new books have appeared in my home also. The Liberty Book of Home Sewing and Made at Home. You have likely seen them on a few blogs lately. Both are a beautiful addition to the crafting shelf. The Liberty book is full of rich detailed florals and a variety of projects that really show off the fabric. Made at Home is full of simple projects for the home, with a very pleasing layout and striking fabrics (mainly floral) in simple settings. Even if you don't make anything from them (which I certainly hope to next year) they are so beautifully styled that they are a joy to read and flick through, just for the sake of it. And the fabrics! The downside being that they are not too good for the fabric addicts amongst us. I strangely keep finding myself browsing Liberty prints online.

Has your postie been a little busier than usual too?


  1. Parcels in the mail are always such fun!

  2. what a delicious selection of treats you have there! i went a little crazy on etsy and bought myself a few treats..it is christmas afterall! enjoy that stamp set, has always been on my wish list! xx

  3. the stamp set is adorable as is the red outfit...one of my favourite colours. i love mail too, particularly the parcel kind. have fun with your new books. xo.

  4. You have the most delightful selection of parcels there Tania...I have been equally blessed lately :)

  5. That all looks so exciting. Bibs and fabric, books and stamps. A wonderful assortment of things. I'm getting parcels together for 2 of my daughters in Melbourne/

  6. Lucky you, Tania. What gorgeous little parcels. I lvoe your stamp set. I just got one - for myself on the weekend. Am doing the same as you {using it everywhere!}. Just started making xmas gift cards last night with them and they are such fun.
    Enjoy your lovely parcels. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. x

  7. So lovely and lucky! Interested in the seeds and well really, everything!

    Don't you just love receiving a parcel, then unwrapping bit by bit?


  8. How cute is the packaging on those seeds? How is your garden getting along by the way? Lucky you to receive so many gorgeous parcels in the mail. I would rather get something in the mail than go into a store any day of the week. :)


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