Friday, December 2, 2011

this week

 1. Birthday cake batter.
2. Drawer rearranging.
3. This weeks rose - a David Austin.
4. One of his favourite series - Tashi.
5. Another trike fan.
6. Library haul.
7 & 8. Op shopping.
9. Julia's current reading pile - though some are just a little too advanced.
10. School christmas craft.

Hoping you are all having a pleasant Friday.


  1. I have The Backyard Homestead checked out from the library too! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love the look of all those op-shopped pieces.
    I'll add 'The Fackyard Homestead' and 'The Profitable Hobby Farm' to my book list. x

  3. how cute - a little to advanced hry? nah she'll be a little book worm!


  4. I love those pictures :) I havn't seen a richard scarry book since i was little - I have to find some before I start a family :)

  5. Lovely pictures...i have lots of 'help' with drawer rearranging too!
    What a great shot on the trike...gosh i want one of those for the always on the lookout!!

  6. oh.. those books look awesome! i think i'll need to schedule a trip to the library ASAP :)

    looks like a lovely week - Kel xx

  7. Looks like it's been a lovely week in your Nest :)

    I am currently reading the book 'Tea - recipes for health, wellbeing and taste' by Margaret's a wealth of information about the benefits of growing your own herbs for herbal teas, a must read!

    Enjoy your weekend Tania.


  8. Great reading list! It doesnt look like it will take Violet long to master the trike, she has such a look of determination on her face! Pretty dress too :) Have a great weekend Tanya Xx

  9. Those roses are just beautiful Tania:) And Violet looks like very cute sitting on the bike, she'll be up and running soon. We've got a Tashi fan here too, Miss 7 loves these books, the teacher got her hooked. Have a great weekend. xx

  10. hi tania. your week looks so beautiful. i have my eye on that bike :) love your photos. i know i have said it before but your kids are adorable. violet looks so cute pedalling along. xo.

  11. I bought a Richard Scarry book from the op-shop this morning for 50 cents! I was so excited, i'm adding it to the pile of books i've been collecting for when i eventually have a baby(i'm sick of waiting!) I also picked up a handful of bonds 000 singlets for 25 cents each. It was a good day!

  12. *gasp* those ankles!!! oh my~~~

    total deliciousness!


  13. We love Tasi. Lesi's 12 ad still loves those stories. favourite books of all time are the Faraway Tree series. How's Julia liking te Enchanted Wood? Looks like a lovely week was had in your nest xx


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