Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the other side

Well, here we are on the other side of christmas. Happy. Recuperating. Relaxing. A teeny bit heavier.

This year it was a small family gathering. There were presents (which I am making note of not to wrap the night before ever again). This year presents were mainly books and things to do. Such as a knitting kit or a guitar. We steered away from toys for the older two this year.

There was food. Quite a lot of it. Pork with crackling, gravy and apple sauce. Baked ham. Peas and prosciutto. All finished off with trifle and pavlova. We tend to go the traditional christmas dinner here.

I think every year of christmas can be a learning curve. Of finding and developing your own traditions. Though several christmas' have taken place in our house, I like to reflect on how different each one has been for us. The sights, sounds, food and company. All weaving together to create the future memories for our children.

Thank you all for your christmas wishes over the past few posts. Each and every one was appreciated. So sorry I did not get to thank you all personally. Wishing you all a restorative and relaxing week!


  1. Hello Tania

    Lovely photos. I especially love the bike. It reminds me of when I was growing up.

    How great to give creative presents as well. Two of my nieces are 16 and 20. We also gave them something creative this year, one present was an origami kit and another kit to make a wooden owl. I think (well hoped :)) they really liked them. It was certainly more enjoyable to give.

    Have a good week.


  2. A lovely post and great phots so natural.

    Your dinner looked fab, it's a bit strange as the light is so different at your christmas , here in the UK it's completely dark by about 4 and we ate our meal at 3 in the twilight zone

    Hope you recuperate soon and have a happy new year

  3. Looks perfect and yummy... and those hydrangeas - divine!! :)

  4. sooooooo with you one the wrapping. I would like to warp everything as it is made/bought next year!!! We did manage some before but it's amazing how long it takes.

  5. Merry Christmas Tania.

    Yours looks just lovely and all as it should be!

    rachel xo

  6. Beautiful! Love the wrapping! My Master S asked me for no more brown craft paper wrap - it's not Christmasy enought for him! Oh no! We did lots of books too and a little lego. Enjoy this after Christmas calm! xx Love your table set-up!

  7. Thanks for sharing,
    love the bike and your food looks so yummy.

    cheers Kate


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