Monday, December 12, 2011


It was a fairly quiet one this weekend. There was some rain and quite a bit of time spent indoors. Doing indoorsy things. In other (unphotographed) news,  there was a drive with some spectacular scenery, baked goods, coffee and a little craft shop. But of course I left my camera at home. I've also started making this tunic out of test-run op shop fabric.

  1. wrapping presents
  2. the stick tree at night
  3. scrabble games can be just as tricky when one tries not to get too many points
  4. snow play (with table salt)
  5. memory
  6. eat & play
  7. coffee - man size

 How was your weekend?


  1. Weekends indoors, I like that kind of weekend. It sounds like you went for a nice drive, I love doing that and especially when you get to find a nice craft store to look through along the way. Enjoy your Tuesday. xo

  2. Our weekend was filled with baking, family and celebrating. And an amazing storm. :)

  3. i haven't seen those donkey cards in ages. great games for indoors tania. our weekend was a mix of beautiful sunshine followed by a very loud afternoon storm. loving your homely photos and violet with hands in food. xo.

  4. Love your Christmas paper! I used to buy end rolls of paper from the local newspaper and we'd use it for art, making wrapping paper, covering school books etc and it lasted for years. It's thinner than regular paper and is also good for drafting sewing patterns too.
    The games weekend and the drive sounds very relaxing. We watched electrical storms roll in and out so the power was turned off most of the time but we read, I hand stitched and DD12 practiced some songs on her guitar.

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend :) It was warm here so headed out yesterday, lunch, to a craft market & to an art gallery. Was also my partners birthday so we celebrated that yesterday as well :)

  6. I do love quiet indoorsy weekends :)
    Ours was an amazing one...our first night out in nearly three years and our community Christmas on the boardwalk last night, all in all a great weekend.

  7. So lovely, i miss have little ones playing on the floor, but they always beat me in memory!!
    We went on a big Sunday drive & knocked over a big chunk of the Christmas catch ups, love Posie

  8. I've probably said this too many times, but I absolutely adore your photos. They are so warm and cozy. Scrabble, ah, one of my favorites. I bet that is an added challenge of its own! But, an excellent word game to keep brains (young and old) sharp!

  9. Your children always look so well behaved. I like seeing all the crafts you do.


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