Thursday, June 14, 2012

at home

  1.  I've been making crumpets again. Two days in a row. A favourite breakfast treat around here smothered in butter and jam.  Sometimes topped with whipped cream or ricotta. I even sneak a few in the lunch boxes.
  2.  Necklaces, bangles  and rings are not safe in this house. The funny thing is she knows exactly how to wear each one.
  3. My mother in law brought me some lemons from her tree and the prettiest empty jars. She knows me well.
  4. Happy that bulk bin buying has finally arrived in town. Those lentils and chestnuts were pretty good.
  5. Julia's dress ups.
  6. More River Cottage bread. The basic loaves.
  7. Taproot arrived in the mail yesterday. I'm looking forward to grabbing 15 minutes here and there to have a good read today. The illustrations are just so beautiful.

Wishing you all a pleasant ending to the week.


  1. oo i love, reminds me our our home and current days

  2. It really is the simple things, thank you so much for sharing.
    I'm wanting to get my hands on Taproot but the cost is a bit scary, do you think it's worth it?

    cheers Kate

  3. I love the look of Taproot what a wonderful discovery I have found on your blog today :) I think I will try the crumpets too.

  4. The twins are loving their necklaces here too! She does look so cute!
    i'm still yet to try your crumpets after the last time you inspired me! Must do this week!xx

  5. You too Tania. I love that you can photograph your everyday so eloquently. I'm now off to check out your crumpet link. xx Fi

  6. I see your newest op-shop find is being put to good use already.
    Bulk bin buying, I wonder whether they have that around here.

  7. Lovely photos and moments. I'd love to be curled up in front of a fire reading. Still tossing up about whether to get Taproot or not. I really enjoyed the first one and couldn't wait to get out in the garden each time I picked it up. But I am already feeling all inspired with our renovations and gardening at the moment and we have just written a new budget so as to be able to afford solar panels. Pocket money is going to be a bit tighter! :)

  8. So many lovely images. I am going to drop elephant sized hints for my birthday re Taproot - thank you for introducing it :)

  9. I love getting a glimpse into your everyday Tania :)
    I have contemplated getting Taproot, would be interested to hear what you think.
    I might try that crumpet recipe this weekend, would be a lovely change from pancakes.
    We have a little jewellry thief in our midst, if it's not put away it goes walkies.

  10. Oh it all looks so lovely and cosy, Tania. Are crumpets difficult to make? I've often thought about having a go but haven't got to it yet.
    I have the same cake tin. Love it! Julia's dress ups are so much cute than Lewi's ones (that he's only just stopped using too BTW). Scary masks and freaky things live in his dress up box. A few fairy wings too which his girlie friends and cousins have loved over the years too:)
    Taproot looks lovely. I'm off to check out the link. Happy wintery day to you! x

  11. I couldn't get the crumpet link to work?
    Are you making yours in egg rings?
    Are they made with yeast?
    I would love to give them a go but haven't as yet?

  12. Love the photo of the ballet outfit with the fire in the background. It looks so cosy!!!

  13. Sorry for the link not working. Should be all good now.

  14. Hi Kate,
    If you love reading about the simple living approach to gardening and farming, with the odd crafty project and recipes thrown in for good measure, then you will enjoy it. especially if you love the Soulemama blog (Amanda Soule is the editor). Beautiful photos and illustrations too. To make it more affordable, I'm cutting back on a few others I usually buy.

  15. Thanks Tania, I went ahead and ordered it. I love soulemama so hoping this will be similar. I've decided to cut back in other treats to have it. Thanks for your feed back.
    Cheers Kate

  16. those crumpets sound far classier than the supermarket ones I just bought. Have got to try this recipe, I think I was drooling over them last time you mentioned them. Your little bejewelled one is just the cutest.

  17. hi tania,
    beautiful pics from your the photo with the bread dough on the table.
    wish you a cosy weekend,
    love regina


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