Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Change Trousers (again)

Sometimes I am just dying to get all creative and make something I haven't made before. But not lately. In fact I find myself just a little bogged down with the day to day right now. But I still want to make something, even if I'm not in the mood for a fresh and exciting project.

So turn to my (and blogland's) old favourite, the Quick Change Trousers, I did. You will find the pattern in this book. What better excuse when your little one needs some new pants? We have lots of pants here. But not necessarily of the warm kind. And goodness knows we need the warm kind in these parts with temperatures in the low single digits as we head out the door each morning for school. It's been a fairly warm Winter so far. By comparison.

I took some lovely soft vintage wool that I had stashed away, a few quilting  and vintage cotton pieces that I had around, and sewed these guys up over a few days. I sized them up a little from the largest size to make some pretty big pants. They accommodate plain towelling squares and the pre-fold nappies I made quite well, but swim just a little over the modern cloth nappies. 

If you have a little one in your life, this is a lovely, easy pattern to make for them.  I have made them many times over. Violet has been wearing different variations since she was a newborn. You can see versions one, two and three by following the links.


The hardest past was trying to get my little model to stand still long enough to take a photo. Hence the photos taken on different days. The darker lighting conditions at this time of year didn't help much either. But you get the idea.

Now I just need to persuade her to keep her socks on...

Wishing you all a good day.


  1. They are so fantastic Tania. Love the idea. I understand about getting bogged down with day to day stuff. Every day I have a plan of things I would like to create & half the time...list is still waiting for the next day.
    Photos are great as all ways. Least you have captured all different aspects of the pants:)

  2. I seem to go through stops and starts when it comes to sewing lately. Last month I made a few pair of pants for Kaizer before I lost the enthusiasm to sew. I did manage a bit of sewing on the weekend though.
    Love Violets pants, much better than the mass produced variety.

  3. Gorgeous pants! I love the different materials you have chosen. We have a non-sock wearing kid here too. Getting a bit better with age and can sometimes be persuaded by cute woollen slippers... I also have to say that Violet looks absolutely gorgeous in that pale apricot coloured knit jumper!!! It goes beautifully with her gorgeous hair. Hope you're keeping warm x

  4. Maybe the next pair needs to have socks sewn into them? :)

    Very cute and industrious I reckon.....maybe the moon is aray or something but my Mo left with Jo....not sure when it will turn the corner....and I love winter so go figure?


  5. Voilet's pants look so snuggly. I was thinking that I love her cute feet poking out and then I read how you can't get her to wear socks. Bless her.

  6. These are lovely Tania. I see them around the blogs and reckon I should be on that same bandwagon! I am so new to sewing though that I am taking baby steps and thus my sewing mojo is highly temperamental! I look forward to it becoming second nature like driving a manual car. And yes, we have a sock removal issue going on in our house too! No wonder they are always crook. xx Fi

  7. Okay you've got me inspired, I just ordered the book, can’t wait for it to arrive! I would very much like to make the maternity top, did you ever give it a go?

  8. Hi Tania! Firstly, what an awesome blog :). Just loving the little pants and also loving the little apricot jersey! Keep up the great work - always look forward to your updates!
    Vicky (NZ)

  9. Very nice. I've been meaning to make some of these for ages and you've just reminded me i have some leftover wool fabric i could use up.... hmmm thanks for the inspiration! Loving the mushroom house fabric. Totally cute!

  10. Those are really cool - I just love the fabrics you've used.

  11. I love the fabrics you have used! Making your own pants is the only way to get a good fit on cloth nappies at the moment i think! I have a number of pants cut out at the moment but just can't seem to get them sewn...ah well...perhaps by the end of Winter the twins will be wearing them!
    Violet looks so lovely in that apricot colour knit btw!

  12. Love the fabric the the little mushroom houses on it. Just gorgeous.

  13. They look great. I love a good practical sewing project! That mushroom house fabric is incredible. I wish I had some!


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