Thursday, May 10, 2012

rays of sunshine

I was quite surprised to learn from yesterdays post that so many of you could relate to being the introverted type. It seems I am not alone, though I've often felt like the square peg in a round hole. There are many of us out there that much prefer the life of being at home. It makes me feel very blessed that I do get to live this life. I feel that it is the career I was searching for. Despite the expectations of society. A few of you spoke about the tendency to become a hermit. I really do get this. When friends start working and are too busy for catch ups, I can feel myself becoming a little hermit like. Daniel is the complete opposite. An extrovert who thrives on company. So it can be a tricky balance at times.

I am off into town today for my one day out. There is grocery shopping to do, errands to run and hopefully a fancy coffee to drink. It can be quite a feat on these days to get all four of us dressed and out of the house before school starts. Off with the trackies and on with the town clothes (and I still haven't decided if it will be a dress or jeans day). It lifts my spirits to be nicely dressed occasionally.

Hasn't this local weather been unseasonably warm? I do hope you are enjoying some rays of sunshine wherever you are.


  1. I posted on your previous post about be a 'hermit' - I'm lucky enough to have an extroverted husband too - I think this adds balance, and I've been able to learn from him a lot, and he tells me quite often, when he's overwhelmed that he can appreciate why I am the way I am. He's the ying to my yang I suppose!
    Weather is warmish up here in sunny Qld - coolist mornings, but perfect afternoons. Wondering if we'll get a real winter this year! Cheers!

  2. Look for a book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Wonderful book.

  3. I missed your last post but having read it now i can agree although when i was working i was an extrovert i think....i do miss the daily chats but on the other end i enjoy my own company and the space to potter around at home and do those things that i love to do!
    I actually force myself to get dressed properly and out of the house at least once a week though as otherwise i begin to feel i am withdrawing from society or not making an effort. Probably a silly thought but one that lingers!
    Enjoy your outing!!

  4. My husband is an extrovert too. I've never really thought about that before. It just goes to show, there is balance in all things.

    Enjoy your day out Tania!

  5. Opposites attract! Dave is the same. Always off playing golf, surfing, meeting the boys for a beer, going to concerts. But it's good to have our time to do our own things and us time to do things together. :)

  6. Nothing nicer than a day at home or a night. Sometimes I'm a little 'antisocial' but nothing is nicer than relaxing at home with my creature comforts....bliss. And the sun coming through at your house....gee that would be a lovely spot to start the day.

  7. Me too about being a homebody and more introverted :) I LOVE being at home with our girls - really I also see it as the 'career' perfect for me. Although, like you I also don't find the housekeeping comes so easily! :)

  8. Enjoy your one day out, Tania, and that gorgeous coffee experience.
    It is nice to ge
    t the tracky dacks off and put on something a little bit nice and then how nice is it, to get home and put them back on again? I love that!

    Love your image for this post xx

  9. I get excited when I know we are spending the entire day at home... In our comfort clothes pottering. It is also nice to occasionally make an effort to dress nicely and go out. I do look forward to my daily fix of a nice coffee.! Hope you had a nice outing!


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