Friday, May 25, 2012

warm sunny floral

Wishing you all a warm, sunny, floral filled weekend.


  1. The same to you those warm and cozy pics of Violet!unfortunately looks like we have rain heading our way but a good excuse to get some soup bubbling and baking done!Now if i could just keep the twins busy indoors!x

  2. At my desk gazing out the window now - not a lot of warm or sunny on offer. Hope it's nicer down your way xx

  3. I've recently found your blog and have really enjoyed having a look around. I am especially interested in your house building posts because we are thinking of doing something similar. Its great to see how well it can turn out. Thanks for the sunny pics on your post today- they are nice to look at when the weather here is cold and rainy.

  4. I am growing to love your blog more and more. Thank you.

    very wet here today, not sure what the weekend holds but either way I'm hoping it will be enjoyable.

    cheers Kate

  5. you too tania. enjoy. xo

  6. Violet has sort a sunny spot there to enjoy her snack.
    The fireplace looks very inviting. And I really like the botanical illustrations with washi tape. x

  7. i love seeing glimpses of your home.
    especially the botanical prints - gorgeous.
    and then there's that sweet babe as usual..... <3
    have a lovely weekend

  8. Hi Tania, it is nice to see some sunshine after seeing so much frost at your place. I just love the lighting at your place...that's something I have been meaning to tell you for ages!

  9. Your place looks so warm and cosy, I imagine that those patchy bits of incoming sunshine must be glorious. You must be utterly freezing there now, we are here in Melbourne and It's not even winter.


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