Friday, May 4, 2012

staying warm

Our first minus last night, followed by a thickish blanket of white frost this morning, likely the first of many. Somehow we've managed to not have the fire on this week. Helped of course, by the fact that when Daniel insulated the house, he crammed in as much as was humanly possible. As a result our house holds the heat very well indeed. So while most of our neighbours have had their chimneys smoking for over a month now, we haven't yet felt the need. But I think that's about to change.

So we have kept warm in the evenings by snacking on soups, leaving the oven open after cooking to warm the house and wearing (and then washing) the winter woollens. The elder two have been a little harder to convert, still convinced it is perfect weather for shorts and t-shirts. Perhaps I need to hide the summer clothes?

I have cast on again for a Kina. It seems I somehow ended up with far more stitches than the pattern specified. In other words I didn't read the pattern properly. Only discovering that once I got to the sleeves. So far so good. Old notes here.

Wishing you all a pleasant (and warm) weekend.


  1. It has been cold here the last few nights too, we have had the fire on two nights so far. No frosts yet, but I guess they are not far away...

    Have a lovely weekend :)


  2. Our winter was so mild this past year we didn't even burn a cord of wood in the stove. Now our temps are in the 90's and I am a puddle!

  3. Ahhh Tania...your photos make me feel like embracing the cold! Love all those woollens lined up!
    I've started teaching myself the knitting basics again at night...not going to well though your new project...never mind the pattern!!!
    Have a warm weekend!

  4. I love washing woolens, especially the ones I have made. There's just something about it, isn't there?

    Those bottles are so sweet. I have many like that, that my father dug up out bush. They sit on the window ledge in the laundry and get placed randomly around the house when we have flowers.

    The weather is still quite warm here in Brisbane, though long pants and vests are getting introduced more often now.

    Stay warm and enjoy your weekend too. A friend is coming over today to make laundry liquid with me while the children play. :)

  5. have a lovely weekend tania. i agree with Jode's comment above about your photos and embracing the cold. those rich red leaves too are surrounding our house right now. the colours are beautiful. stay warm. i'll be back blogging soon :) veronica. xo.

  6. Hi Tania,
    I just love your blog, I admire your wonderful knitting for your gorgeous baby and your lovely home.
    Kate at Creativeworld :)

  7. The condensation on the windows is happening here too.
    You sure would be grateful now for the extra cost and time involved with putting in the insulation, it was worth your while.
    I love this weather.

  8. Oh I love the Kina pattern.. must make my youngest another.
    Its cooled down considerably here in Brisbane too, colder than past May's I remember... but nice too to pull out winter pjs and blankets.

  9. Today we are getting ready for a hot day and the begining of our summer. I have a question I have seen and see in your photo in the kitchen a juicer, Is that uraninum glass? That is a rare find here in New York I was just wondering?

  10. I love your photos...really homey and lovely!! We are still having warm weather here and the only reason I turned on the heater the other night was to dry some wool I had painted.
    Love your blog - thanks for sharing xox Jo

  11. What a lovely view from the window that you have! I love the cold weather...any chance to get all toasty and warm and gaze out the window...bliss!

  12. hi tania
    lovely pics!!! love the view from your in germany we have spring.
    love your knitting work....the pink looks interesting.
    you have a wonderful warm and welcoming home.
    wish you a wonderful time,
    love regina

  13. So envious of your insulation, unfortunately our rental has none and that chimney is smoking constantly. Love the picture of your knits drying, so homely.


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