Friday, September 2, 2011

baby kerchief

After a week or two of sewing some practical items (I'll post about that next week) I was itching to do a quick, done-in-one-session project. With all the gardening and subsequent watering being done around here, it really needed to be an extra quick one.

I've had Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby for quite some time. I thought I would try the bib kerchief project which looked extra quick and easy.
Which it was. Basically a distorted triangular shape that is hemmed. Though I have to admit that I had a little drama with sewing the narrow corners. My machine doesn't seem to like tiny strips of fabric, or perhaps it is just a case of the worker blaming her tools.

(Booties by Little Poppa. Similar available here)

The kerchief can be used like a drool bib (while looking quite fun and stylish ) or as a headscarf.
This is a great project for using up scraps. I used some Japanese fabric that I recently bought on sale, as well as a few vintage sheeting pieces.

Safety note - as with items that tie around the neck, be careful not to leave baby unattended.

Hope you all have a marvelous Friday.


  1. They are lovely Tania! I have a hankering to make some for myself ... not for catching drool though ... ;)

  2. Love the look of kerchief's on little girls...though I didn't know that was what they were called. You have a lovely selection there and bravo to them being so versatile.
    Thanks for the mention..I really need to add more to my store :)

  3. They're gorgeous, I love the fabrics too.

  4. eek, super-cute! You need to make the most of this kind of adorable while they are still tiny :-)

  5. Tania, that is one cute baby....and the headgear is pretty awesome too!! Nicely made!

  6. Super cute. Great choice for satisfying the quick crafting urge.

    Did you use a new needle? Is the tension right on your machine? Those are the things I always check first when my machine is being naughty! Oh, and I rethread it. My machine sometimes just likes to be rethreaded and then it will behave. :)

  7. She is just a doll! And those kerchiefs are gorgeous. Think I might have to make a few for the new the spit mop up idea! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely weekend :) x

  8. Was I supposed to be looking at the kerchiefs? ;) ,But Violet is just too cute. Nah I love the kerchiefs and the fabric is beautiful.

  9. your little girl is gorgeous as are the drool/head scarves.

  10. It's hard to take a bad picture of Violet isn't it? She's just a real cutie. Lovely kerchiefs.

  11. So making some of these for Eulalie... I've had to change her top 3 times already today from all the drool. Much prettier than a boring old bib!


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