Sunday, September 11, 2011

interesting things

Sew : A simple reversible dress for a little girl
Make : The cutest ever garland
Paint : The prettiest project for glass jars here and here
Bake : How to make the perfect crumble.  Nigella's is a regular here.


  1. Isn't crumble just the perfect winter dessert? It's a huge hit in our household and so simple to throw together.
    Love that girl wore similar when she was younger but wouldn't be seen dead in a dress now :(
    Love painted jars and bottles...I have a few around here.
    Am off to read that article...enjoy your Sunday :)


  2. Wow, thanks Tania. I love your blog. Read it all the time but have trouble as for some reason I often can't leave comments. I'll keep reading quietly in the background.

  3. Thank you for your lovely links. I always enjoy seeing what you've discovered over the week. Have a wonderful Monday. xo

  4. Great links - I want to try the enamel painted jars and bottles for gifts. And the garland too. Lovely links. And your photos are stunning.


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