Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend : rainy

It rained on and off all weekend. Washing didn't get hung out. Trees didn't need watering. 

we baked scones for afternoon tea

clanging pots and pans so mum can actually make the scones

beautiful new yarn arrived on Friday from here

the rainy weather was rather conducive to knitting so I got started on a Kina
and though I don't normally watch tv in the daytime I knitted and watched this Jamie Oliver series (don't you just love Jamie?)

baby rocket and kale salad from a quick dash to the vegie garden

sometimes its actually easier to get the kids outside when its raining

happy that my subscription arrived just in time for the weekend

chicken with thyme, lemon and marsala waiting to be roasted, or as Julia so politely puts it "a chicken with a lemon up it's bum"

and Violet wearing a vintage little poncho that her daddy used to wear (a long long time ago!)

How was your weekend?


  1. Rainy and wet - but I sure appreciate it as does the garden! Hoping that it will clear up enough today to get the washing on the line. I love the poncho.

  2. Was it Jamies 30 minute meals or dinners (something like that)? He makes it look so easy. Great photos! It rained all day here saturday too.

  3. Ohh the new Country Style is out I see, I'll to get myself a copy. The vegies will have loved the rain, the sun is out today here so washing day it is. x

  4. Tania I am loving that yellow yarn and the little kina cardi is adorable (I had to chuckle at the name as in NZ we eat kina - sea eggs)
    How precious that Violet is getting use out of Daniel's poncho :)

    My weekend was great!


  5. I love chicken with a lemon up its bum! family favourite!! ha ha

  6. wow, that chicken looks amazing! actually, jamie does a similar roast chook recipe - it's brilliant!
    Violet is ridiculously cute in that fluffy poncho!

  7. Country Style mag one of my all time favourites, can't wait to pick up the lastest one. Julia's comment "a chicken with a lemon up it's bum" nearly had me spraying my half chewed sandwich across my desk. Her comment did make me laugh!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and that poncho on your little one looks cute as a bugs ear.

  9. I haven't made scone in a while but my faves are ginger. It's difficult to find clotted cream here so I have to order it, probably one of the reasons I've stopped making them so often...

  10. I can think of nothing better than sitting on the lounge, knitting and watching a dvd on a rainy day. The Kina cardi is very cute. I wish they had the pattern in an adult size, I think I would wear it!

    Your chook looks like it would have been lovely.

  11. I love the lemon up the bum;) My girls love talking toilet talk all the time. I bet the chicken tasted delicious:) I like the look of that yarn too it such a soft shade of yellow, very pretty and so is the pattern too. xo

  12. Oh wow, how can you make a raw chicken look so good?


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