Thursday, September 22, 2011

goings on

A whole lot of clapping and arm flapping going on.
Lot's of fruit iceblock making from Julia. So far this week strawberry, orange and kiwifruit.
A pot of colour for the garden.
Thinking about the start of camping season with a few projects in mind.
Cutting up fabric, though sadly my machine is out of action right now.
Learning all about meat. The morals, the quality, the source. Surprised at how fascinating it all is.
Attempting the Provisional Cast On method.. very slowly.
And an always enthusiastic helper.


  1. love. love. love. have a beautiful day.

  2. I love "long tail casting on" super fast and easy...

  3. Love it all, especially that first picture of Violet. too sweet!

    And that River cottage meat book looks really interesting!

  4. Great pics Tania! I haven't stopped by here for so long and it was a lovely catch up. Love the little skirt/dress you made Violet and all that cooking looks wonderful!

  5. Lovely! The meat book looks interesting - I haven't seen that one, but anything river cottage is always good - Hugh is the king of top to tail eating.

  6. I love the stories you tell with your photographs! Makes me smile.


  7. Hi Tania,
    I have The River Cottage Bread Book. Do you have that one? It is really good. I will have to look into the meat one. Great post. The ones are so sweet.
    Mrs. E

  8. Hmmm I see a familiar looking book peeking out from your material and scissor pile there!!! Loving it right now!!! Can't get enough. Looks like you have been very busy. What are you making? I'm hoping to make the beach blanket/rug next... maybe with the fat quarters from the fat quarter swap!!


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