Wednesday, September 28, 2011

school holiday doings

We are now well into our first week of the school holidays. Once upon a time I used to feel terribly guilty at my lack of exciting school holiday outings. With time I came to realise that this was fine for our family. Staying home is just a whole lot less stressful. Sometimes we might have a once a week outing and see a movie or go into town. There is the odd play date or sleepover. But most of the time we just do our own thing at home. Boredom is not something to fear,  and can actually be quite healthy as this is when I see the kid's imaginations starting to work.  I will sometimes direct them in an activity, but a lot of the time they just do their own thing.

Julia made owls from this idea

We made pikelets. Always a quick and easy snack when I'm told "there is nothing to eat!".

Drawing with pastels. These things are messy. We've had the craft mat set up permanently this week.

Julia has been making a soft toy from this book. So far so good.  All hand sewn. I think after today her little chicken will have a hat and be ready to be stuffed.

How have your school holidays been?


  1. We are not officially on school holidays here yet although Rileys kinder finished last week. Staying home is definately the low stress option here too. Its looks as though your kids have plenty to do and im sure Violet is loving her big brother & sister around a lot more too.

  2. I like lazy school holidays and I would tend to agree with you that 'boredom' is good for children because it does spur them on to 'imagine' things to do. I don't remember having many organized activities when I was growing up. Holidays were precisely that - time to just play and make things. I don't ever remember being 'bored'.

  3. we roll the same at our house tania. i always look forward to spending those weeks with my two doing not much at all. were off to the zoo and somewhere else special but that is about it. enjoy the holidays!

  4. What a great mumma you are, Tania! It put a big smile on my face seeing all the wonderful things blogger mums and their children are getting stuck into in the holidays. Cookinng, craft and all things creative. So much better than TV.

  5. School holidays start next week in South Australia. Not sure what we are up to yet. I do know we are going to see Suzi Quatro in concert here in our local town on the 8th October, for us "oldies" anyway lol

    I hope the weather is better than what it is performing today, strong wind and dirt...

    I used to love school holidays when my three girls were younger, but alas they grew up too quickly...enjoy your time with them Tania :)

  6. I'm a big believer in slow time holidays, I think the rest and thinking time is really restorative. We tend to spend time at home with projects and then time away exploring.
    Looks like fun at your place :-)

  7. Yes I agree that slowing the pace down for the holidays is just what everyone needs :)

    I am so looking forward to just chilling with the kids from next week...I imagine we'll be spending our days in much the same way Tania :)



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