Friday, September 9, 2011

blog hopping

Thank you for all your encouraging words lately. I truly appreciate each and every comment left.

Today I thought I would share a few new-ish (to me) blogs with you that I've been enjoying lately.

  • Michelle at mk handmade. Pretty and simple everyday living involving food, crochet, quilting and more.
  • Motherwho is a gentle space with simple family living and craftiness.
  • Beautiful photography can be found on Veronica's blog Mama Jots.
  • A lovely simple living family blog over at piper and poppies.  Click on the "about" section for older posts.
  • I Love Buttons By Emma. Lot's of pretty projects here.

Please feel free to add a link under your comment to your new, newish (or not!) blog, as we all like to do a bit of blog hopping every now and then.

Edit : sorry I messed up the links earlier. Should be now fixed.


    1. Lovely 'new' blogs. I will share them with my daughter who awaits her first child. The blogs have such wonderful info in them excellent for a new mum, I think.

    2. I followed the Piper & Poppies link but went to I Love Buttons by Emma? She does not have an About section, but it is a lovely looking blog!

      Is this the one you meant?

    3. Thanks Dixiebelle! Should be fixed now and sorry for the confusion.

    4. I have just recently discovered three of those blogs and love them...must check out the other two :)

    5. Thank you for some more links to go and discover. There are a couple of new ones there to me too that I'll be visiting. Have a happy Friday and thank you for the tips with the breadmaking. xo

    6. Thanks Tania,
      It is always nice to find new Blogs and have new people find mine. Thanks xx

    7. you are so nice tania. what a surprise. a big hug to you. with thanks. veronica. xo.

    8. Thanks for the links Tania, Always nice to discover some new inspirational blogs. I love your new header, Very 'Spring' :)

    9. Hi Tania, thanks so much for the link, you are such a lovely person. Will be checking out the other blogs you suggested. I do love a blog hop! xo

    10. I love your blog, it really is inspiring! The links are great, thank you.

      Here is our new very new blog

      Have a lovely weekend.

    11. Love a bit of blog hopping.
      Especially on a Sunday evening.

      Think the photo in your blog header is wonderful - makes me smile.

      I don't have a new blog.
      I have an old raggedy one.
      Bit like most things in my life - my husband, my house, my pets, my hair!
      Just how I like it!!!

    12. Thanks for the link. Hope you are having a magical weekend with your beautiful little family, x ashley

    13. Such lovely blogs, thanks for sharing! Mine can be found here:


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