Monday, March 14, 2011

In my knitting basket... and a de-cluttering update

Here are the projects I'm halfway through right now. The blue scarf is for Julia, which I've run out of wool for, and have ordered another ball. I do hope it's enough. The first knitted item I ever made last year was a scarf. I promised it to Julia, but ended up loving it too much myself. Naughty, I know, and Julia has been hassling me ever since for her own scarf.
The other project is another knitted dish cloth in the basket weave pattern. Though I suspect it has a little too much going on with the mixed colour and pattern. I've lost count of how many I've made. About half were given away as christmas presents. The other half I use to death. They are like my version of the European brand we won't mention.

On the sewing front, I'm going to sew Luca a pair of pants. I'll see how the patterns goes,  and if successful, will be churning out several more pairs (and likely some for Julia also). Pants are one thing we really need for this coming Winter.

On the de-cluttering front: yesterday I sorted through all my loose magazines, cut a few clippings out on recipes and gorgeous homes (this is an old habit of mine, I've been sticking ideas in scrapbooks since my teen years) and now they are off to Vinnie's. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of recent issues of Country Style, but it is for the greater good. My sanity.

Today's mission: Cleaning the lounge room bookshelves and donating all books that I don't love.

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