Thursday, March 24, 2011

My creative Space

My modest effort this week was my first knitted hat. From this free pattern. Moving on from scarves...finally! I quite liked the cotton, and now looking forward to some true Autumn weather. I actually did the hat upside-down as my seam was not quite up to scratch. It still retained the same shape, as it is, essentially, a square when knitted up.

And of course the little munchkin was asleep when I finished it. But not to worry, a sleeping baby can make the perfect little model :)
After years of wanting to learn to knit, and a shortage of any available teachers, it feels good to have gotten this far in the past six months. Though it has been baby steps, slowly, a world of knitting is opening up to me. Perhaps a baby jumper next...

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  1. Congrats on your first knit looks adorable on the munchkin :)

  2. Oh yes I think that the sleeping baby has made the perfect model. The hat looks great.

  3. Snap! I started knitting about 6 months ago too.
    I adore that little pixie hat. Too cute on your sleeping baba.

  4. Your baby is just too cute!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog Tania. I just wanted to let you know that the Oliver & S pyjama pattern is out of print but I found a copy at one of the Australian online fabric shops (think it might have been Earthgirl fabrics), so they're around.

  5. very very gorgeous and nice hat too!

    I am aiming to make my first hat spon too

  6. Right. That does it. The world is your knitted oyster...

  7. That is just precious! Both the baby and the cap! I have been thinking it was time to become a knitter myself. It seems like the perfect purposeful craft for me. I have done it long ago, but have completely forgotten everything.

    I love that yarn too!

  8. You have done a lovely job with both the hat and the cute sleeping baby. Both look perfect to me.

    Have a great day,


  9. Beautiful, the hat and the baby!


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