Monday, March 28, 2011

Musical rooms

We spent a good part of the weekend changing bedrooms around. We gave up our larger master bedroom and put the kid's in the same room again. Now they have a large room to share. We inherited a smaller room. It really only fit's the bed, but it feels like a restful space, with nothing on the walls and no furniture, besides the bedside tables, to clutter it. The third room I am quite excited about. It has all Violet's things in it (cupboard, bassinet and change table), but she only uses that during the day as she sleeps with us. The computer is in there now also. But, as soon as I have a table available, it is going to house my sewing machine. It will be nice to not have to pack my machine up from the dining table.

 Sorry, I have no photos at this point of time, but here are a few from last week. I will show you the changed rooms later in the week, I promise!

Luca's bedside table as it was

This has remained in Julia's now sits above Violet's things

No longer there - from Julia's room

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. that wall of pictures is so sweet! Lovely

  2. Such gorgeous things for your little ones' rooms!

  3. Lots of lovely things - I especially love the vintage looking print wall and that clock is something else. Lots of changes and moving little people around :)

  4. Gorgeous prints!! I years I sewed on the dining room table and it seemed such a chore setting up and clearing away...I love that I now have a little space reserved for my machine...I find I am much more productive now.

  5. It's nice to play musical rooms every once in awhile I think. It gives you a fresh look at the space, as it is so easy to get stuck in a rut about how things are or should be. We keep asking ourselves why we didn't make the changes we've made lately sooner!



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