Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little gifts

For my very petite two year old niece

Here are a few little pieces I made up for my little nieces and nephew. As they don't live nearby the sizes were a bit of a guessing game. Fingers crossed that they fit! Thankfully I know their mother appreciates the homemade items.

The shorts are an exact replica of a pair I made for Luca..just sized down. The little skirt is the same as one I made for Violet.

And then something for the eldest two to have a little fun with...

Pencil cases made with op shop linen tea towels and zippers. I chain stitched their names (I guess my messy stitching gives it a handmade look..)

Now all I need is some colouring books...


  1. Lovely projects! I posted the Chow-Chow recipe today.

  2. Love all those fabrics and the sweet skirts! Those linen tea towels were fantastic finds. What a great new lease of life for them.

    Cohen has a colouring in book, the pages of which he rips when he thinks I'm not looking! He also has a visual diary, the black covered spiral bound type. He loves it. Sometimes he just flicks through it and scribbles on random pages. Other times he spends time building up a picture in layers and I write the date on them. I love kids drawings. :)

  3. These are all gorgeous. I love the idea of making pencil cases from linens...very cool indeed.

  4. what lucky nieces and nephews! I especially love the skirts - the blue one with the doily is gorgeous!

  5. Tania all of your handmade treasures will be loved, they are all so gorgeous. I especially love that first sweet little skirt. xo

  6. The very best presents are those made with love! Those tea towel pencil cases are fantastic!

  7. These are just lovely! I just figured out zips so will have to give these a try.


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