Thursday, March 10, 2011

Library expedition and around the house

Well, I'm back on here, though I have been absent for two days. The whole community here lost our internet connection. Not happy about that, but at least we're back on.

I've had a busy week with a swimming carnival and more swimming lessons today. Sadly there is not much creativity going on this week. I try not to have many activities to do, but some weeks it's unavoidable. The library books were due back too. I found one book, a baby knitting one,  hopefully for the beginner knitter. All the Debbie Bliss ones were out on loan.

I had some mail today, in the form of a parcel. Very exciting! It was this journal and this book.  I am hoping to have a little reading time tomorrow.

I leave you with a few pictures from around my home. It is not magazine perfect by any means, but it is comfortable.


  1. don't underestimate your home... i love the pictures... you're a women after my own heart! love the look of your blog. i look forward to dropping in our your adventures in the future. :)

  2. what a lovely home you have, I do declare we seem to be kindred spirits - loving all your vintage flair and gourmet garden goodness


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