Sunday, March 20, 2011

A sling for Violet

My first two babies were pram babies. That's not to say that they liked the pram, but at the time I had no idea that an alternative existed. Fast forward 6 years, with a slightly different outlook on babies and lifestyle, this time around I have embraced the baby sling.

I started off using the hug-a-bub, which I still use sometimes,  and then I made a sling using the instructions from Handmade Home. The hug-a-bug is easier on my back, but takes a little longer to put on. My homemade sling is so easy to pop on and off, but after a few hours can cause a little strain.

My weekly day in town is so much easier with a sling. I can even sit down for a cup of tea and Violet remains asleep all cozy in the sling. Every morning I pop her in and walk Luca and Julia to school. I still own a pram, but it can be so cumbersome. So I only use it when I have to, such as lunch dates.


  1. I love the bonnet:) Thanks little betty, you did a beautiful job. Sorry I forgot to add that when I posted. I'm having trouble editing posts..will try to figure it out.

  2. It's a lovely sling and I love that bonnet too. I hope to use a sling with our next baby. I tried baby wearing with Cohen, but he was such a big baby I found it really difficult. Lifting and carrying him these last two years has certainly given me more upper body strength!


  3. I think the sling is a good idea. To my way of thinking, the baby would love the closeness with their mother and your little Violet looks very content snuggled in there. And your hands are free to do things.

    Have a great Sunday,


  4. love the sling. she looks oh so comfy.

    something on my blog for you today... :)

  5. so beautiful. look at her looking up at you so adoringly. thanks for sharing. xo m.

  6. Your sling is beautiful and unique. I was gifted a baby bjorn for my first son and it was a generous gift but I found it hurt after a while. I bought an Ergobaby and it is amazing both for my support and closeness to baby. You are so clever btw:)


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