Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Washing Days

I try not to wash every single day, but nonetheless, there is a lot of washing going on in this house. Two school children, a cloth-nappied baby and a husband who works hard outdoors makes for one big clothes basket (or drawer in our case). I need to put on a full load each wash because we rely solely on tank water out here. For the first time ever since we built almost two years ago we have three full 25,000 litre tanks. This is quite unusual for us as we live in a rather dryish area. Last year we had to buy water several times.
I don't own a dryer. With just a little extra work,  I can always manage to get the clothes out to line dry. If it is raining my house looks like one giant clothes horse, but it is just a little inconvenience.
Daniel built me an old fashioned clothes line last year. It fit's a lot of washing and I just love the way it looks.
Sometimes I even enjoy hanging out the washing.


  1. Washing has never looked so pretty.
    Have a beautiful day.

  2. So I am not the only one who enjoys hanging up washing....I find it relaxing so long as I am not in a hurry.

    Rain water is good for washing, it is so much better than tap water. We have plenty in storage, but dont use it in the house yet as we need to get some plumbing changed around so the toilets (we have 3) and the air conditioner aren't connected and take all our precious rain water.

    I love that type of clothes line, reminds me of the old days when I lived on our farm. Every Monday was wash day...

    Hope the sun continues to shine for you, we haven't seen it for days. The solar hot water isn't working properly atm, it needs some sunlight.

    Have a great day,


  3. what pretty washing pictures! you've got a good eye. i love pics that can capture lovely clouds and the day's atmosphere. looks like a lovely day in your stretch of the world. hope you have a lovely day planned. :)

  4. Hi,

    I love your clothes line!
    We have a long one now too but its a modern free-standing one, I love that your lines tilt! Gorgeous.

  5. This past weekend I was hanging clothes on the line and thinking to myself that I actually LIKE doing laundry now that I hang dry. I had to chuckle that I have evolved into a person capable of liking housework at all. But, I do.

    Lovely photos of your line.


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