Thursday, July 14, 2011

clothing renovations

Since Violet was born I seem to have gone through an absolute multitude of body suits. They seem to fit her for a few days before they are outgrown. I suspect the bulk of the cloth nappy plays quite a part in that. So instead of hauling these two off to the op shop, I thought I'd give them a quick makeover instead. And besides, I am rather partial to the leaves and roses prints.

So I cut them off just above the leg seam.

 Then I used the serger stitch on my machine to give a slightly ruffled look to the hem. An overlocker would be better for this, and the funny thing is I do have one. I'm just suffering from overlocker fear. Threading that thing makes me want to break into a cold sweat.

Speaking of unwanted clothing, I also had two tops from my pregnancy that never fit very well anyway. So I modified the pants pattern from Simple Sewing for baby, making them more into a roomy legging style,  leaving the bottom hems on the tops to become the hem on the baby pants.

Four very quick new-from-old wardrobe additions.


  1. I love the look she is giving you in the last picture... "Mom ... REALLY? Another Picture?" Great job on the remakes. And thanks to you for the potholder link I need to make just 3 more for the swap I am in with my quilting group. I'll be posting about them as soon as I get them completed.

  2. I love to see clothes really go the distance! Great job on reconstructing these pieces Tania, they look great :)

    I saw some roomie tights on another blog I follow made from tee shirts, LOVE them so much that I want to make our little one some...and goodness knows our big boys buy and throw tee's like they are going out of fashion, an unfortunate waste I think but it's their money.


  3. Good thinking Tania, the tops and bottoms look great! And what a pretty little model girl :)

  4. Dont have overlocker fear... read the directions, follow the coloured lines and you will be able to do it. Then you will never look back.

    Go on, give it a try.

  5. Is an overlocker like a "serger"?

    I'm currently turning old t-shirts into clothes for the baby. Right now, its too hot for anything but a diaper, but he will need more than a few t-shirts come fall, so I'm working on a few warm weather things. First up is the sleep sack from "Growing up Sew Liberated". Next will be a slew of envelop tees and some bubble pants.

    I've noticed that your kids are often bundled even in the house. We keep our house quite cool in the winter, and I'm wondering how you do it for the baby (the layers). I know how to bundle/layer myself, but I'm not sure how to layer a less than year-old baby -- thus, I'd like to know how you do it.


  6. Great ideas Tania. I love the way you get the very most out of everything before it's thrown out.

  7. Hi Tania
    Your little miss Violet is one well dressed little 'chickie-babe'!

  8. Lol i have a bag sitting next to the door for the op shop full of baby things...not any more thank's.

  9. These are fabulous makeovers. I love love love those rosy pants, they are so sweet!

  10. Clever stitching indeed! Love that knitted vest too. Is it one you made?


  11. Tania you are really clever, these clothing renovations are super. Violet is so cute, she looks like she's are a lovely stage, very interested in what you're doing by the looks of things. xo

  12. Lovely and clever sewing! I can thread my overlocker, but the tension never seems right. So it sits in the cupboard ... I am a bit afraid of it too ....


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