Monday, July 4, 2011

A drive out woop woop

On Friday we were rather naughty parents and gave the kid's the day off school. In our defense it was the very last day of the term. Another reason was that Daniel needed to do a quote for a customer out at their weekender,  and thought we might like to come along for the drive.

So we followed this customer for what seemed like hours (but was really only one) through bush and pastured valleys. Ending up deep in the bush with patches of snow in gulleys where the sun never shines. Certainly one place where we were grateful to be in our four wheel drive.

On our way back through his driveway we stopped at a little clearing on his driveway for a spot of stick and rock throwing. I don't believe men ever grow out of this. Did you see the stick sitting on top of the frozen water? Yes, it was nearing four in the afternoon, and it was that cold. After admiring the little running creek and the ancient gum trees were off on our way home.

Old stove letterboxes and antique glass preserving jars electricity insulators make the perfect gated entrance, don't you think?


  1. That's my country alright. I got a chill just thinking about that river. Those glass electricity insulators can be quite gorgeous. Very collectable now. Enjoy the holidays.

  2. I LOVE Woop Woop.
    We go there frequently.
    However we call it what the locals do - Woop.

  3. We love doing this too, and we call it the boonies here.

    Love the sign on the gate, but they forgot to say please lol!

    We have a few of those insulators in our shed, collected along side old railway lines from telegraph poles. They come in different colours and shapes.

    It is interesting what people use for mail boxes, see some funny ones at times.

    Nice photos and it does look cold there.

  4. Love camping, love the wide open wilderness ....... your pics really made me want to head off on another travelling adventure! This year I hope. If all goes well we'll be doing a trip to the mainland in Nov - can't wait!

  5. I love that sign on the gate - so funny!!

  6. Looks like you had such a fun adventure! The photos are great too :)

  7. Sound like great parents to me! I am sure the kids agreed. Your outing looks quite lovely. That gate sign is a hoot! (I trust you did shut it!)

  8. I love the sign on the gate. I need one of those one our houseyard gate!


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