Tuesday, July 26, 2011

see a need

"See a need, fill a need". I am not used to quoting from kid's movies. But for some odd reason this quote, straight out of the movie Robots, seems just so fitting for crafting.

The need in this case being the issue of no dish drainer. They don't seem to make them with butler sinks. Beautiful as they are,  though if a little unpractical at times. Up until now I had been using layers of tea towels, but I had in mind for quite some time to make something a little thicker and more substantial to hold just a bit more water.

So in a spare few hours one afternoon I whipped up these for the sink. Strips of vintage tea towels and tablecloths, sewn into a patchwork.

I backed them with one of our hand towels (white being a highly impractical colour in our bathroom anyway), sewing right sides together, leaving a gap and then turning out.

I then sewed a border and closed the gap. Also "stitching in the ditch" to hold it all together. A little wonky perhaps, but it does the job surprisingly well. It's amazing how much water these mats can soak up.

It is satisfying to see a practical need and then fill it. Guilt free crafting in a sense. I may just need to make a few more.

Hoping that your Tuesday is a good one.


  1. I love it! Practical, thrifty & pretty. Good thinking.
    Hope you have a gorgeous day.

  2. Very cute. I wouldn't mind one of those myself! Might have to get thrifting...

  3. How clever and SUPER cute!
    Great idea...

  4. Practical AND they look lovely Tania...way nicer than an ordinary old dish drainer that's for sure!

  5. These look super Tania. I so need one of these instead of the tea towels we use that end up getting very wet. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  6. Not only practical but super cute to boot...brilliant!

  7. I have not long done the same thing only with old cloth nappys (not used on bots), way better than tea towels, but yours are so cute with the old tea towels.

  8. Great idea! Will def. put this on the (very long) project list!

  9. nice one! It looks like something I would have seen in my granny's kitchen :) I love it!

  10. What an inspired way to get to enjoy your gorgeous vintage teatowel fabric. melx

  11. lovely! i have some white towels that we got as a wedding present waiting to be crafted into something that we would actually use! will store this away for a rainiy day! thanks :)

    Kel x

  12. Hello there! I found your blog from a comment on tiny happy, and am so glad to have followed the link here! Loving what I have read of your posts. I DO have a dish drainer, but love these so much I think I will have to make some anyway! We also have a few white flannels and hand towels which are highly inappropriate in a house with a baby!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts. :)

  13. I love this idea..
    I can't sew but such ideas makes me want to get up and do something.. I dont own a sewing machine so doing something like this will need some help...
    I have been wanting to make a drying mat with pretty old fabrics .. and now you have inspired me THANKS!!!!


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