Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My last batch of cushions certainly had a good run. Though the stuffing (cheap polyester filled ones that came with the lounge) had well and truly had it's day,  the cushions were getting a little old and tired. But I'm thinking of saving the covers for "one day" verandah chairs. That is if I can train the dog not to sit on them. Anyway, on the weekend I stayed up until two in the morning sewing a new batch of cushions. There is nothing like a silent house to get things done is there? Sometimes sewing is better than sleep.

 Two large covers sewn.
  • the yellow cockatoo print (which I had left over from this project) from Beach Vintage 
  • pink print, a Japanese cotton, from Tessuti.

I didn't have quite enough fabric to cover the cushion so I joined it to a strip of the backing linen and added a ribbon that I had leftover from another project.

Cushion number three was sewn from a fat quarter from Yardage Girl, and mixed with linen and the Japanese print.

Our fourth cushion, smaller in size was sewn from a Tiny Happy print available in the Etsy store.

All the cushions were backed in a linen from Tessuti. I found it a little more economical to do it this way. They were finished with the overlapping envelope style. This is my favourite way to sew cushions, as they are neat, easy to remove and there is no fiddling with zippers. Oh, and I'm hoping you didn't see the loose thread.

I bought my cushion inserts from here. The duck feathers just last so much longer than polyester. I had bought a small one previously and it is still in excellent condition almost two years later.

It is lovely to have a new scattering of cushions on the lounge and they add a bright  and cheerful touch to our neutral lounge. Sometimes a change is a very good thing.


  1. Can't even tell you how much I like the cockatoo print!! Loving the way you've mixed the ribbon and backing linen on the retro patterned one too :-)

    Totally with you on the joy of a silent house - something special about the way creativity can kick in during the wee small hours

    Jem xXx

  2. I noticed the other day just how worn our cushions are looking...they have lost their shape and look rather tatty now. Finding the time to sew some new ones is another matter entirely, I am so time short at the moment it boggles my mind.
    Love the range of fabrics you have used Tania..the second one is my fav.


  3. Making cushions is so satisfying, isn't it. I just brought that same Tiny Happy fabric last week for the very same reason! I'm itching to move into our new house and start decorating, so while I wait I have been buying little bits and pieces that grab my eye, like that fabric.

    Enjoy snuggling up on your new comfy bright couch! :)

  4. The cockatoo print is fantastic! The cushions look lovely.

    The duck feather inserts are a great idea.

  5. They are truly beautiful, as is the little darling sound asleep with them.

  6. They are lovely. But I don't know how you get any sewing done with that gorgeous baby to stare at all day!

  7. Gorgeous, everything in your house is gorgeous (and I bet you are too!)

  8. Simply lovely Tania!

    I love the fabrics and yes it would brighten up the lounge...great recycling of leftovers too!

    Looks like Violet is enjoying them!

  9. Love them, especially the pink vintage looking japanese print :)
    Thanks for the insert link too :)

  10. Gorgeous. Love the fabric choices. On mothers day eve, my neighbour and I stayed up until midnnight sewing cushions for her sisters. We loved it :)

  11. I love Violet's little trousers Tania...and your cushions are gorgeous too...the cocky one is my favourite.

  12. Your cushions look great Tania. I love the flower fabric you used, it's very pretty. I hope Violet is feeling better, she looks so peaceful sleeping on the lounge on your new handmade cushions. xo

  13. Gorgeous cushions Tania, I love the bright and cheery yellow.....and sewing far beats sleeping at times, just a shame we have to pay for it the next day.

  14. They are so lovely. When i had lots of babies, i had a lounge filled with cushions too, i even went so far as to make my own feather cushion inserts (i know, keen!!) so i could create round ones, bolsters & whatever i desired, love Posie

  15. I love them all ... and then your sweet princess having a little snooze - just gorgeous!

  16. i love your cushions- aren't feather inserts the best? it's an honour to see you made one with my print. :)

  17. They are gorgeous! Love how you mixed up the fabric too - thanks for sharing! Rach xx


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