Thursday, July 28, 2011


Lately I have been :-
  • Finally organizing my sewing space. Things were looking very bad in there for awhile. Material strewn all over the floor, the desk all cluttered up, and impossible to find anything.
  • Knitting dishcloths again.
  • Marvelling at how fast my little girl is growing up. Sitting up with no danger of toppling over is a new skill this week.
  • Loving salads with feta and avocado.
  • Bread roll baking. Might switch to loaves later in the week. But rolls are so handy for lunch box making.
  • Laughing at Luca getting creative with his food and then insisting I take a photo.
  • Appreciating the buds of wattle and wild flowers collected from the bush on the weekend.
  • Missing my Wednesday night fix of Offspring.

Hoping that your Thursday is a good one.


  1. Lovely photos Tania, I especially love the plate with the yellow leaves on it.
    Best wishes
    Tania in Melbourne

  2. Look at your clever little Miss sitting there unaided...her jumper is gorgeous, did you knit that?

    Any chance of seeing some pics of your sewing space...I love being inspired by the places that others create in :)


  3. You been so busy, I too am missing offspring, it was my only tv for the week, might watch some re runs just for a fix.

  4. always enjoy your snippets of things in your home. The little "thing" on the plate is so cute! Life is simply good!

  5. what a gorgeous selection of photos! how cute are those bread rolls and don't get me started on how much i miss patrick..i mean offspring every wednesday! thank god for the renovators. :) xx

  6. me too, missing offspring! we are getting taken over by renovating shows!!
    loving your selection of pics..especially that little cutie in the gorgeous jumper.

    hope you have a wonderful friday Tania ♥

  7. Great pics, you have such a cute blog! :-)

  8. What does one do with a Wednesday night now Offspring has gone? Argggh. I'll have to get your dishcloths pattern. I've tried a few and haven't yet found the perfect one.

  9. I agree, I miss Offspring also!
    The Munchkin and I loved Luca's cheese monsters and she happily made her own - thanks!
    I can't get over how quickly your wee girl is growing! I remember how snuggly The Munchkin looked in her little grows suits too, so cute :)
    Love the sunshiney yellow theme running through your gorgeous photos too :)

  10. I'm missing Offspring too. It was the best thing on TV.

  11. Hi Tanya - your blogspot is beautiful and inspiring.... I left some pieces of fabric with Steph at the bookshop yesterday (we met at Vinnies). All the best, Kath


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