Friday, July 15, 2011

this week

This week, our second week of the school holidays, we have been :-

Making paper aeroplanes from online tutorials

and flying them...some were never seen again

photo by Julia

taking a bit of winter indoors

bunch of sticks picked by Luca
though the hubby asked why were there sticks in the house? As he did his paper work under the sticks he said he felt like he was working in a forest

poring  over wool swatches... even the kids joined in

playing boxes


and working on consignment items. A little bit here and there.

It has been extra cold here of late, which has meant a great deal (too much?) of time spent indoors. Boredom has begun to set in a little, so I think a little outing is in order very soon. I had such a lovely time with all the kids home last week, but unfortunately this week has deteriorated somewhat and has been quite challenging. Sometimes a change of scenery is required, if only for a few hours.


  1. Just love your little mans gorgeous hair and his light eyes! What a stunner he's going to be!
    And jealous of your branches!
    I've being dying to do these crochet leaves I found this tutorial for ( but cannot for the life of me find a branch! Yours is perfect...Fedex?!

  2. oh I love a good game of boxes. its a long haul plane trip favorite of mine :)

  3. Tania I love to see kids have simple fun with the things I did as a children love all the same things and are quite simple at heart.

    You know, one year we had a xmas tree that looked just like your twigs...our two oldest boys lugged it in from the bush and we mighty proud of their achievement in obtained a xmas tree for us. It did look rather magnificent decorated I can tell you :)

    Where did you get those wool swatches from? Have not seen them before.

    Hope you get the chance for a change in scene this weekend, we did yesterday thankfully.


  4. sorry for the typos

  5. We have been indoors a lot too the last few days. Playing cubbies and drawing has begun to wear thin. I just gave the kids some Anorak mags to play with and hopefully that will keep them happy for awhile. After that I will have to teach them how to play boxes. I had forgotten all about that game. Thanks for reminding me.

    I hope some sunshine comes your way soon so you can get out for awhile.

  6. We went to a big bookfair yesterday and picked up dozens of cheap but great books to tide us over for the last few days of the holidays. But now I find myself having to stop them reading sometimes to do other things (eg eat dinner)! Doesnt feel right to say "stop reading"! But too cold to do much outside. We have done a little craft and my older daughter and I will so tomorrow when younger daughter is at a camp for the weekend.

  7. Yay for school holidays & DIY home crafts, keeps my 4 happy all day (even in high school) & they know 'bored' is as good as a swear word in our house, you don't go there!! Must admit, i've had a few donks to the back of my head by random paper aeroplanes, love Posie

  8. Enjoy your outing whatever you come up with. My sister-in-law is feeling the same pain with her 3 kids. ;)

  9. lovely pictures a usual. You always portray simple things beautifully. My son loves folding airplanes too. It's whole lot better than playing computer games


  10. I am new to your blog and am absolutely loving it! The beauty you find in simple objects and activities reminds me to slow down and appreciate the little things. Thanks for sharing all that you share.

  11. a hive of activity, Tania and your children are beautiful :)

  12. A delightful post as usual.

    I never figured out paper airplanes as a kid....they never really flew for me. Maybe an online tutorial was all I needed!


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