Saturday, July 2, 2011

weekend links

This weeks list of interesting links (cup of tea or coffee recommended)
  1. A quick weekend project to make these are just perfect for all that winter cooking.
  2. Food for thought on an excellent blog.
  3. Creative organization here and here.
  4. A cute and cuddly little project that could be shared with the kids.
  5. This would make a great talking point for the kitchen.

As of today we are officially on school holidays. I'm rather looking forward to a few weeks of sleeping in a little and doing some fun activities with the kids.
Happy weekend!


  1. Oh yes, I do like those kitchen rules!
    Enjoy your school holidays Tania :)

  2. The little whale is adorable. But clip your seam nearly to the stitching to get it to turn right side out with a smooth curved edge. I'm going to print that one as it look like it would make a fun ornament - a bit of whimsy for a Christmas tree I think.

  3. Thanks for the great links Tania! I like the organisation ones, who would have thought to use peg board in the kitchen to hang pots!

    Enjoy the holidays...ours dont start for another week.


  4. Love the kitchen rules! Thanks for the links!


  5. Am enjoying your links's a great way to start my weekend with a hot cuppa :)

    Are those amber beads Violet's? How do you find them? Our little one wore his from 6mths and was a changed child :)

    Enjoy your holidays, we're another week off ours.


  6. Thanks for the linkback Tania - great selection of reads, and new visitors sure give me some great new undiscovered blogs to visit !

    Bring on the debate :)


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