Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a week of food

The foodie things we have enjoyed this week...

garlic butter - perfect for using up stale bread

trying to remember to soak oats the night before (rolled oats, water and a dash of apple cider vinegar)

to make porridge.. in my books best served with full cream milk, honey and yoghurt

Luca's crackers and cheese

orange cake with ricotta icing

 snacking ... gouda cheese, carrot and fennel

no knead bread with baked beans

cabbage, carrot and red onion salad dressed with a vinaigrette of olive oil, vinegar, sea salt and maple syrup


Thank you so much for all your get well wishes yesterday. I'm almost feeling back to normal and Violet seems to be on the mend. Hope you are all well.


  1. Oh boy! I am loving the look of what comes out of your kitchen...delicious!!

    I have never tried homemade beans...they look mighty good.

    Oh and I made your sultana cake on the weekend - huge hit!


  2. Oh dear, it surely must be almost lunch time. Your post has made my tummy grumble for something savory and something sweet! :)

  3. Hi Tania,

    I came across your lovely blog via somewhere else. Can't remember where now.

    It's making me hungry to think of garlic bread. I love homemade garlic butter!

    I like my porridge with sultanas and cut up dried apricots cooked in it. Or sometimes I grate an apple into it and add some cinnamon and brown sugar. Still can't get my children to eat it though.

  4. Those pumpkin scones look so delicious. I've just had my lunch but I could do with a nice scone and jam to finish it off!
    Glad your feeling better. :)

  5. Oh garlic bread! Yumbo! I unfortunately scrape the remainding butter out of the bowl with crusty scraps and end up reeking!! You poor loves having a cold...the pits :(
    All that wholesome food and plenty of rest and crafty pottering will knock it over in no time.
    Keep warm :) x

  6. ahhh, I have just discovered this lovely blog. I adore all of your gorgeous photographs.

    Just lovely.


  7. In this age of fast food, it is so nice to see a mum feeding her children such yummy nutritious food.

  8. can I come eat at your house ;) The pumpkin scones sound so good!

  9. Oh YUMMY!!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. you make simple food look so delicious. You're a good moma!


  11. The coleslaw with maple syrup sounds very interesting and having never done a single thing with fennel I certainly had no idea that one could eat it like a stick of celery. Two new things to try, thanks.Glad you and bub are on the mend. melx

  12. love the look of that salad! we made orange cake yesterday with some of Grandmas's oranges...yummo!

  13. they are some mighty fine looking pumpkin scones!

  14. Lots of delicious cooking happening at your place Tania, I'm feeling quite hungry now just looking at all of your yummy goodness. I'm glad to hear both of you are on the mend. xo

  15. hi
    the pumpkin scones looks delicious,
    but all the other looks also very good.
    have a nice day,

  16. Oh my, can i come over to your house??? You look like quite the gourmet :)

  17. YUMMO! Mouth watering here! I'd love your orange cake with ricotta icing recipe? Nic

  18. I made homemade baked beans during the week too, which was a revelation to my daughter who thought they only came from tins. Having loathed tinned baked beans all her life - or so she thought - she's now declared the dish one of her favourites.


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