Tuesday, May 31, 2011

catch up days

After the weekend there always seems to be so much housework to catch up on. Laundry, cleaning, tidying, a little shelf rearranging (it puts a little smile on my face to see my depression glass out again) and an after school play date.

Feeling content that the house is relatively clean again. Of course this self-set standard is proportional to the number of kid's in the house. But good enough is good enough, don't you think?

Is Monday your catch-up day too?


  1. I never realised the green tinted glass was called depression glass - it's such a beautiful hue and looks perfect on your windowsill where the light streams through :-)

    I know what you mean about Mondays - I seem to kick off the week with extra energy and feel I need to get on top of as much as possible in the one day to make the rest of the week easier. Though this week my catchup day will be Tuesday as we've had a bank holiday weekend here in the UK :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. With five children I find everyday is a catch up day for me...the cooking, cleaning and laundry is never ending that if I allow myself a day off it back logs for days.

    I am loving your depression glass too and don't think I have ever seen it before.

    Happy Tuesday :)

  3. Oh you have a chandelier in the bathroom! I have wanted a bathroom with a chandelier since I was teeny weeny!

  4. My catch up days are Mondays and Fridays. Yesterday I washed floors, washed clothes, vacuumed and sorted through my cooking books. I have put all my older favourite ones together so I use them more, I am liking the old fashioned recipes. I figure if I eat like my grandmother did I should be right, she lived to 92years old.

    Love the look of depression glass, especially the coloured stuff. I have a couple of pieces of green and clear.

    The little church (I think) across the way is so cute...what a lovely view outside your window.

    Have a beautiful week,


  5. love that laundry basket and vintage mirror!

  6. Ah yes the weekend brings lots of washing in my house too. You've got a lovely collection of depression glass, it looks beautiful sitting on display. xo

  7. Monday is most definitely my catch up day as well..I love all your green kitchenware! So pretty.

    XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

  8. Ivy Nest mmmm , nice name!
    I have one more monday left to 'catch up' then the mr is home every morning cos its back to night shift for us. Grrr!
    Love your images, your chandelier, your floors, drool

    ps I made baby pants out of that tablecloth for the shop! hah

  9. I find I catch up each night when they are in bed. I keep looking at my filthy windows and dusty picture rails and wonder when the fairy is going to come......love the depression glass, the green is so pretty.

  10. Lovely pictures, I am not catching up on much at the moment. Blessed to have a husband doing the washing and dishes as I finish my essays. I am excited to get back to the rhythm of catching up within the home again soon. xo Rach

  11. your house seem to look so nice all the time, even the laundry in the basket looks so pretty:-) Chandelier in the bathroom is a lovely idea, makes your bath a pleasant experience


  12. Gorgeous depression glass collection- lovely to display it on a windowsill. Your photos are lovely- you are the only blog I follow where even a basket of laundry looks like an art work. I so get you about the washing- I just got on top of a pile of handwashing that was in the laundry basket when we moved house 10 months ago! Shows how little we need jumpers up here in Brisbane.xmel

  13. There's 'relative' and then there's 'relative'. 'Relatively clean' around here, is, unfortunately, a whole lot less than your version. And sadly not enough Depression Glassware happening around here either. Sigh...

  14. I would normally do all my housework on a Monday since our trash is picked up on Tuesday but yesterday was Memorail Day here in the US and we went to my folks' place for a cookout and to gather with my family. It was a nice day all in all and today I am "catching up". I do a quick clean up and some more laundry on Friday's just in case Company shows up over the weekends.

  15. lovely lovely depression glass! your windowsill makes me smile


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