Wednesday, May 18, 2011

little makeover

We have a rather smallish lounge area, which was in need of a coffee table. A tiny one though, because there really us no space.  I say "need", in that there is no where to put cups of tea, partly read books or a knitting basket. This little stool didn't quite fit the bill, but for the grand total of $3, I thought it was worth a try.

It was rather sad and shabby. Not good shabby. I had spied these cushions over at Rosa's Room and fell in love with the fabric. So I whipped up a simple slip cover that just pops over the top. I was originally going to recover it, but thought a removable cover would be a little more child (or clumsy mum) friendly.

I think I'm having a yellow moment. When I first got married in '99, I jumped right onto the blue and yellow bandwagon... complete with fake sunflowers. A few years later (while getting into the pink and green shabby chic phase) I felt I never wanted to see blue or yellow again. It's taken eleven years, but I'm once again loving yellow. And blue.

Back to the little stool / table. It is getting much use with all those books, magazines and knitting. Though I'm a little nervous to try the tea.

Or just as a plain old footrest.


  1. You could always keep an eye out for a flat breakfast tray to set on top of it for more stability for the tea cups - perhaps painting it a pretty blue or white.

  2. It looks very pretty now, I love the fabric choice Tania and Becky's idea sounds perfect that way if it did spill it would stay in the tray and not spoil your beautiful stool. I hope you've had a love day.:)

  3. I would go with a little serving tray to hold cups.
    That fabric is rather gorgeous!! I am not usually drawn to yellow but after seeing it in use around blogland have become rather taken with it :)
    I made a slipcover for an old ottoman I picked up and it really been a saving grace being able to pop it into the wash.

  4. lol, I have this foot stool too.....two of them actually. Luckily mine is brown leather on top so they have kept quite well. Mine are also slightly cushioned so the suggestion of a tray on top would be a great idea...I love the cover you have made. Great idea to be able to wash it, and if you get sick of the yellow again(which I can totally relate to as well!!!)you can change it anytime! :)

  5. What a beautiful foot rest/coffee table, I think we all did the dreadful yellow and blue. One of my worst decorating disasters would have to be fake gerbera's in the blue wine bottle......ewww! love that you can take the cover off to wash or swap around as you please.....I was just using my fabric today to make one more cushion. Thanks for the mention. x

  6. I have exactly the same traumatic yellow and blue past and also surprised myself by coveting this fabric as well as it is the first yellow thing I have liked in years. I'm really liking a mustardy shade of yellow at the moment in particular. Your stool-table looks fantastic and the slip cover is super clever. Mel:)

  7. Great idea to be easily removeable - and I love the cockatoo fabric. Cute!

  8. Great idea - making a mental note of this one! Thanks for sharing!


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