Monday, May 30, 2011

the weekend that was

Eating : Coconut cake from my new favourite baking book (more on that later in the week...)

Reading: Sew by Cath Kidston. Am I the only one who reads crafty books in the bath?

Violet : Turned six months over the weekend. How time does fly.

Knitting : Baby cardigan. Ever so slowly I might add.

Also reading : The Homemaker. Thank you  Christina for bringing this little book to my attention.

Sewing : A highly practical project in the works.

Visiting : The tip shop. Acquired a small bundle of vintage books. And a table.

The start of my little creative corner in the house. My sewing machine will have a home at long last.


  1. Our babies must have been born only a few days apart. I love reading your blog, oh how I wish for the simple life, keep up the good work, I love reading

  2. That. Cake. Looks. AMAZING!!!

  3. Happy six months to Miss Violet!!

    What a great way to spend the weekend...yummy cake, awesome table and book finds, reading in the bath - yes I do the same :) projects in the works...yes just the way I like to while away my hours.


  4. Gorgeous little Violet. Looking forward to seeing your creative corner evolve. And to eating that coconut cake when I come to visit!

  5. A lovely space to admire today:) I have to say that when I was younger coconut cake was a favourite birthday cake for my brother and I, I haven't had it in years. And your sweet little Violet looking all warm and snuggly, they grow so fast don't they. Enjoy the start of your new craft space, it's very exciting getting a space to yourself:) Have a great day. xo

  6. Reading in the bath, Yes! sometimes the only way to get a good 15 minutes to yourself....
    I'm intrigued by the homemaker book, I must look this up.

  7. The book looks so beautiful, the cake so delicious and the baby the cutest of all!

  8. love creative corners. and as for that cake...yum! Bet it's all gone by now!

  9. Yes those Babies don't stay Babies for long... mine is turning 25 this year. I adore Coconut Cake! Enjoy your knitting and reading.

  10. Lovely Tania, your snippets of life over the weekend look divine. I'm so looking forward to time at home with my little a simple life. I hope it involves baking, smiles on baby blankets, books, knitting and creative corners....(in amongst the chaos that I'm sure comes with a new baby - I'm not that naive!). x

  11. You do have a lot of things on the go Tania. Cant wait to see what you are making.

    Little Voilet is a cutie and time does fly by very quickly, enjoy every moment...

    It is great to get a creative space for yourself.


  12. I'd like a creative corner, my office is my laptop on the sofa and any crafting is on the dining table at the moment. And yes, I read all my books in the bath!


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