Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello! Here we are, back home. Back from four scenic, rejuvenating, (and sometimes just a little tiring!) days on the coast. This was our second little camping trailer adventure and for this trip we stayed in the town of Eden. This township seems to have retained it's original fishing village feel and seems not to have succumbed to the fate of neighbouring towns that are now predominantly geared up for tourism. There is a great deal of local history to discover as it was once a whaling town.

Luca playing on the shores of Twofold Bay

Twofold Bay is a massive and deep harbour. I remember reading once that it was considered for the site of the capital city, which ended up going inland to Canberra. Apparently the ports of Sydney and Melbourne were not at all keen on the competition.

Looking out over the town of Eden

We visited the local Killer Whale museum, which was full of whaling and logging artifacts as well as the bones of Tom the killer whale.  I'm a bit of a history freak.

On a little four wheel drive adventuring we discovered a quiet beach. Not a soul as far as the eye could see. I love those kind of beaches.

Local fish cooked at the campsite. I even managed a little op shopping and picked up that cute Pyrex jug.

It was a little cold for swimming, but it was still very exciting for the kids to play on the beach. I grew up by the beach, but now that we live inland we don't see the ocean all that often.  So I do feel very appreciative of any time that we can spend breathing in the salty air and walking in the sand.


  1. Yay, welcome back Tania!!

    I grew up minutes from the beach as well and felt hard done by having to travel 40mins to the nearest one in Brisbane...give me a country coastal town any day.

    Looks like you had a heavenly time away..hope you are feeling relaxed and refreshed :)


  2. Your adventure looked to be a lot of fun! I'm glad you were able to take some time away with your family.

  3. Welcome back:) Tania what a beautiful place to go for a holiday and it looks like you had equally beautiful weather to enjoy on your holiday adventure. I really enjoy quiet places to visit these days over touristy places, they have so much character and charm. Thanks for sharing your holiday adventure. xo

  4. Beautiful photographs as always. I feel like I have the wind in my hair and sand on my feet just reading your delightful post. :)

  5. It looks a beautiful place x Lovely photo's. Leah x

    Hope you have a great week. :)

  6. We love Eden. The entire south/sapphire coast actually. Lovely little inlets abutting bush! Very different the coast down our way (VIC). Don't you love the deco beauty of the museum? And the op shops around there are fantabulous!!


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