Wednesday, May 11, 2011

home right now

After returning from our little holiday, it has been a week so far of constant washing and catching up. I've been staying home each day to try and get all this done. You would not be wrong in thinking this was rather monotonous. But it is all fine as long as there is a little time to do "me" things. This week it has been trying to finish that knitted jumper that I started quite awhile ago.

The temperatures have also dropped dramatically around here, weather-wise. I'm thinking that I need a little re-arranging and crafting to get the house ready for winter. We had a severe frost last night and I even put the fire on this morning. Chilly!

Wishing you all a warm Wednesday.


  1. The downfall of being away is always playing catchup, especially with the laundry.
    How I would love to be perched in front of a fire, book and mug of hot choc in's not even cold enough for one here but it's one of the things I miss most about winter in NZ":)
    Have a great day Tania

    ps...gorgeous images, I love your robe and dishcloths, but a sleeping babe gets me every time :)

  2. welcome home.
    I love the little peeks you give us of the sweet corners of your home. I know I would be happy to return to such a lovely place - washing and all!

  3. Sweet pics of your pretty home - and the little one in the bassinet - aw!

    I'm not usually a fan of the cold weather but lately I've really appreciated the time to slow down and cosy up. Stay warm. x

  4. snap. we have the same calendar. looking forward to pulling it to bits and framing some of the images next year.

    always love the glimpses we get of your home. lovely.


  5. your home is so sweet and welcoming, love all the details like the vintage fabric here and there. I am having a warm week here -like very warm- 93ºF.



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