Thursday, May 12, 2011

on my reading shelf

The cold front that seems to have swept over this week is keeping us very much indoors at the moment. Minus five this morning! The fireplace is surely getting a good workout. Is there anything better than curling up next to the fireplace with a book and hot tea? Though the duration is not very long these days with three kids about. I think I may have a slight book addiction...I just can't seem to get enough, with an ever growing wish list that doesn't seem to get any smaller no many how many discounted books are brought by the mailman. Please don't judge too much, I do try and give as much business as I can afford to our local independent bookstore. But sometimes books can be a little hard to find and sourcing them online makes it just a little easier.
Books are such a delight to the tactile sense and quench that never ending search for knowledge. They open up worlds and ideas to us. All from your couch. No remote control required. Only a fellow bookworm knows the feeling.

On my bedside table right now resides the following pile:

Country Style magazine - always a favourite, this magazine just keeps getting better. Inspiring moving to the country stories.. not just for those considering a tree change, also motivating for the country living converts out there. I enjoy the style of decorating in this magazine in that it is very much Australian in the way that many of the interiors are put together. Often steering away from the "rules", much mixing and matching, a lot of the old, and often with more than a touch of the rustic. Interiors not quite as polished as the other decorating magazines on the market. I like that.

Cheap Chic - Lot's of lovely vintage interiors here. Quite a lot of low cost tips. This is an English book and I found the decorating style very fresh and what I think you would call modern country. Chalmers has written a few other books and I am quite keen to check these out also. Easy to read in short bursts, as is quite often my only style of reading with the kid's about.

Cheap Chic
Knitting Without Tears - It is a little difficult to describe this book as it was unlike any other knitting book I have read. Quite short on the pictures, but it certainly made up for that with Elizabeth Zimmerman's twinkling personality. Rather than a how-to, there was lot's of tips and an encouragement for the reader to trust their instincts. It was a little bit like knitting with a kind and witty nanna. Entertaining knitting.

Handmade Living - a collection of works from local designers. It is like walking through a handmade market and admiring little bit's from each stallholder. It is amazing how much local talent is out there.  Some of the projects are by creative bloggers, so you may have heard of some of them. I'm looking forward to attempting the knitted leggings and the dreamy looking doily dress, among other projects.

 Make It Perfect - I haven't had much time to check this out properly yet, but there is a lot of stunning looking projects of both women's and children's clothing. I have my eye on the women's skirt pattern to start with. (God willing that I find the time..) Pleasing pictures make it an enjoyable flick through, and I will report back when I try out the patterns.

A Slice of Organic Life - This copy was a library book.  See, I can be frugal sometimes! This hard covered book (don't you love hard covers?)  was all about living a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Great if you are new to the subject as it covered a broad range, though I felt I had already read about most of the subjects covered. So I skipped a lot. Though I did read the chapters on small livestock and found this quite informative. Not in depth though. It really only skimmed the surface. If only I had a few more acres ...I could have a cow!

What is on your reading list right now?


  1. Ooooh I love books and mags - many of my favourites on your list too! Happy reading, it is certainly the weather for it! Nic x

  2. Oh I hear you!
    Real books just do it for me too. A very technical friend loaded Kindle to my iPad and I've never used it - give me real pages to turn and a couch to snuggle up on while turning them!

    And I found the last book was just a bit of a summary too, except I did buy it not borrow :(


  3. Lovely collection of books and magazines there Tania.

    I have "A slice of Organic Life". I think I bought it on special somewhere in my travels. The "Cheap Chic" book looks like one I would like to read too!

    I used to love, love the old Country Collections magazines, I would buy a copy whenever they came out, not anymore though, as I dont like the newer version as much. I have kept all my magazines and every so often (when I get some time) I get them out again...I tend not to buy too many magazines now, only Grass Roots and Earth Garden, but I do buy books when I find one that takes my fancy.

    Stay Warm,


  4. These books look just like what I need! I am off to the library this afternoon - will definately look these up! xox Rach It is cold isn't it!

  5. My 'to read' pile seems to grow and grow. I'm with you, nothing beats holding a real book in your hands and snuggling up for a read on a cold day. I buy a lot of books online, lots from ops shops and second hand book shops. I find my local booksellers often don't have titles I want or they are twice the price I can get them online. (Sorry but when on a limited budget price does matter) Enjoy your reading and the tactile enjoyment of holding and smelling wonderful, wonderful books! :)


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