Tuesday, May 24, 2011

little practical projects

Several small but highly practical items were ticked off the crafting list this week. In the world of crafting there is not much that is as instantly satisfying as a quick project of which there is a needed use for.

A little knitting case for all those little items that get lost at the bottom of the basket.  Sewn from a thrifted lined tea towel and zipper. Finished off with wonky embroidery.

Thrifted fabric covered address book (also thrifted) using craft glue. Though I would recommend a  brush (much, much neater than using your hands as I did) Quite prettier than the old one.

Another dish cloth to add to the collection. Must make a few more of these. Knitted up in two sittings.

Now working on a few medium sized projects that require a little more time commitment. I do think starting is the hardest part, don't you?


  1. Nice dishcloth. Is that wool?

  2. The knitting bag is wonderful. I crocheted some cotton dishcloths last year but then couldn't bear getting them dirty, which kind of defeats the purpose.

  3. They look fab! Small projects are so satisfying :)

  4. These are lovely. I love the knitting bag.

  5. Love your knitting bag, I have to say I have been quite inspired to get my sewing machine out to start on a long list of simple projects, pillow cases, nappy bags, toiletry bags, library bags etc...but when I did, It Broke! FRUSTRATING.... Now when it gets fixed I will have to add a Crochet needle bag to my list.. I don't actually have any problem starting a project, I just need to learn to finish one before I start another! :)

  6. go you. satisfying to get some of those little projects done to make life a bit easier hey?! love your knitting case. the material and embroidery work so well. you continue to inspire me lovely lady. :)


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