Thursday, May 26, 2011

grey days

Whilst the Wintery weather has certainly settled in a little ahead of schedule, we have also experienced a good dose of rain and wind over the past few days. Bringing the "chill factor" much lower than the home weather station suggests. My take on the weather forecast? 10 degrees celsius...feels like 4.

But I'm not one to get overly hung up on the weather. I generally embrace the chill and enjoy the indoor coziness. But day after day of overcast mixed with drizzle, wind and washing that won't dry,  and your mood can get a bit...well, grey.

Yesterday I went into town and did the weekly grocery shop and countless errands that needed to be done (with the odd nappy change and breastfeeds thrown in). All while dodging wind and drizzle. So, I arrived home rather exhausted, but pressed on and put away all the groceries, made a batch of no knead bread and then drove to pick up the elder two from school.

And then I learned that Daniel was held up at work overnight due to the rain and would not be coming home.  Not until this evening.

I really don't think I'm much good at this single parenting gig. After numerous sibling squabbles and quite a bit of voice raising, I was feeling a little over it all.

But when I finally had the benefit of a quiet house and all three little people asleep, I thought back to the day, and realized that even though  it wasn't the pleasantest of days, it was really only little dramas in the grand scheme of things.  Sometimes silence is the best medicine.

Thank goodness that today is a new day.


  1. Sounds like a productive day nonetheless. But I know what you mean about the weather. Sometimes I have to look back on days like that and remind myself that I've managed to tick a few things off the list and then reward myself with something I want to do.

    Which reminds me, I should go and do some work and get ready for swimming lessons so that I can squeeze in a spot of knitting later. :)

  2. I can absolutely relate to this post. Though I do love cozying up inside on a cold day, this weather is starting to do my head in. Sometimes the kids need to be turfed outside to work out their sillies but it's just too wet - lately I keep finding myself shouting things like 'stop yelling at each other!' (do as I say not as I do!!!) I need a bit of silence to get my zen back!!!

  3. The greyness and squabble can get to you - I have felt a bit the same. My essays are taking my mind off it though! xo Rach - sending love and blue skies!

  4. Nice! I like your attitude. I may try and adopt that on difficult days.

  5. I hope that you had a better day today:) I can understand that everything together makes things sometimes hard to deal with but it sounds like when you got some time to sit and breathe things seemed a little easier. I hope that you have blue skies coming your way soon. xo

  6. Ah, what a lovely reflection on your day. The damp and grey can certainly bring a person's spirits down. Silence is great medicine, though I'd never thought if it in those terms. I am having trouble getting laundry to dry myself. I just recently discovered no-knead bread and have been in absolute heaven! Yours looks absolutely delicious!

  7. Funny how the weather can impact on our day!

    We all have "those" days...

    It has been pretty cold here too of late. Not compared to your cold though!



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