Monday, May 16, 2011


The cold weather has well and truly arrived in these parts. We had some rare May snow on the weekend and the temperature has not crept above 8 all weekend. Our stack of firewood is shrinking rapidly. But the cold is not necessarily unpleasant. It makes you feel alive with it's freshness, and indoors becomes a warm and cozy haven. I am grateful that we really get to experience the change of the seasons here. Also grateful that Daniel put so much insulation in these walls and ceiling.

Most of the weekend was spent indoors. Doing indoorsy things. A spot of knitting, a little sewing, jam making and reading. My very favourite way to spend the weekend.


  1. Hello Tania, this is my first visit to your blog. I really like your sense of style and the easy way you mix vintage with new. It has created a warm and gentle looking home that I think I would feel very comfortable in. BTW, the pumpkin coloured, pure wool blanket on the back of the couch, is the same as some I have here that I grew up using. I am going to link to you.

  2. We've been knitting too! I just love that block tower with little Manushka dolls inside. Your babes are just gorgeous. I have to learn to crochet one of these days - it's about the only crafting thing I have never learnt. Beautiful pictures! Are you in Australia?

    Rach xo

  3. Beautiful post as usual Tania.

    I love your photos, you capture the moment so well.

    The crochet and knitted rugs are gorgeous and so are your children...


  4. I love the real winter too. Nothing better than coming inside with freezing cold cheeks to a warm house that smells of warmth and cooking. We are loving our open fire at the moment too.

  5. ps. love the milk glass holding the acorns. I've not seen one like that before.

  6. Nice & cosy...I just spied that big cream shell vase, I have the exact one! Do you ever arrange anything in yours?


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